Home maintenance, can move the car market after the change

The momentum of rapid development of

Chinese automotive after market, such as Bo Pai company work in the car door maintenance services the company gradually become more and more, and the largest car vertical portal site car home car said consider providing door-to-door service, the domestic automobile market opportunity is excellent, has repeatedly. Titanium media note: according to the data given by the China Automobile Dealers Association, the size of the car after the market has more than 700 billion yuan, more than $5 over the next 1 trillion years. It is eyeing this is uncultivated over the "virgin land", the car service market will usher in this year O2O business boom.

the first morning of the new year, Beijing there was a six wind stopped, blew away the haze also brought belongs to the new year’s first round of chaoyang. 8:20, Mr. Yang received a number of labeled "Bo Pai car. The main technician" phone telephone there said the car is Bo Pai master Ma, and inform the scheduled at 9 o’clock in the morning the car home maintenance services, will reach the appointed place after half an hour. Mr. Yang worked in Beijing for many years, is currently engaged in auto insurance business, ready to finish the car maintenance after take the family out to play.

Yang is scheduled for December 26th years ago in the door of car maintenance services, the original plan is to want to give the car before the arrival of the new year to do a maintenance, by the way to experience the car maintenance service. And this home maintenance company staff communication that the fastest can be arranged in 1, before the time has been filled. Yang registered to fill in the vehicle, address and other information, determined at 1 am on the morning of 9, Yang hopes to finish as soon as possible without delay travel plans.

from selling cars to post service market

"we promise the owners 45 minutes to complete the maintenance work, overtime free single." Ji Wei, Bai Bo (Beijing) Automotive Technology Services Limited (hereinafter referred to as Bo PAI) founder CEO told the "commercial value".

before the start of the business, the school of commerce is a product manager of a car manufacturer, he said his work is how to sell the car. Because of the relationship between the work of the latter part of the car has a certain understanding of the maintenance market, and slowly found a lot of problems, such as high fees, opaque consumption, maintenance inconvenience and other issues. One day in 2012, an exhibition abroad, Ji Wei found a home home appliance repair business, home maintenance special tool car beautiful and tool is complete, the moment I burst out of an idea, the car maintenance can also do such a car?

According to the "

China car market after the 2013 blue book" shows that in developed markets, car sales profits accounted for about 20% of the profits of the entire automobile industry, parts supply profit accounted for about 20%, the other 60% of the profits generated in service in the field. China’s consumer network released statistics show that in 2012, China’s auto market turnover increased to 500 billion yuan, an annual growth rate of more than 26.9%

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