U.S. clothing custom site was favored for $200 billion venture capital market


technology news (Ming Xuan) August 8th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, the Vc firm NEA (New Enterprise Associates) and Accel Partners is currently accelerating investment in e-commerce company, because more and more consumers are turning to the web to a small minority clothing made, and the price is compared to the clothing store cheap much.

According to the American Venture Capital Association (

National Venture Capital Association) data provided by the two firms, together with Lightspeed (Lightspeed Venture Partners) and Battery Ventures, to help the network in the retail industry, this year has been raised to $328 million 700 thousand, compared with 2011 levels throughout the year more than doubled.

clothing custom innovation company J. Hilburn, American Giant and Bonobos are currently competing for the U.S. e-commerce market share. Market research firm Forrester Research predicts that by 2016 the U.S. e-commerce market will reach $327 billion, far more than $202 billion in 2011. By selling products directly from the factory to the consumer, these innovative companies eliminate the supply chain, so as to be able to provide consumers with much lower than the department store price of the product. They took to get a lot of profit than the online retail giant Amazon, and won the favor of consumers and Vc firm.

Battery Ventures partner Blaine O’Malley (Brian · O" Malley) said, "J. Hilburn will be sold with Zegna (Zegna) using the same fabric of Italy shirt, but Zegna shirt at Neiman · Marcus (Neiman Marcus, the boutique department store) the price reached $300. J. Hilburn to be able to sell to consumers at the lowest price of the same custom shirts. But because there is no middleman, J. Hilburn is still able to get a very high profit margin."

NEA partner Harry · Ville (Harry Weller) said, these innovations, part of the attraction from consumers can not from the traditional Internet retailers get new experience. Usually, a shirt fabric cost J. Hilburn for $35, making $22. That is to say, the price of a shirt for $57 is much cheaper than the Ermenegildo Zegna shirt with the same fabric for $200. In &m>

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