Wanda electricity providers do not talk with their O2O mode is better to win three battles more prac

as one of the richest man in the country, Wang Jianlin has always been so high-profile. But maybe it’s not a good thing.

Wanda electricity supplier COO Ma Haiping chose to leave the business 14 days later, once again announced a high-profile Wanda Wanda electricity supplier to enter the electricity supplier, Wang Jianlin. 16, Wanda Wang Jianlin, chairman of the Wanda Group in 2014 semi annual meeting report revealed that Wanda will jointly set up a number of China’s largest electricity supplier Wanda electricity supplier. The first phase of investment 5 billion yuan, and strive to achieve profitability or at least about 3 years to find a profit model. Ironically, a few days ago, back to the two mountains of the pat Network also claimed that "not intend to profit within three years".

although the ostentatious, smug, but in the field of electricity providers but also repeatedly with broken halberds defeat the richest man, thoroughly discredited. In addition to just hang India went to Ma Haiping, after the predecessor of the former Wanda electricity supplier COO Liu Sijun, the former CEO of Wanda electricity supplier (), also has left his job, Mr. (CEO). Just two years, Wanda electricity supplier’s initial team has been broken down into fragmented. The cruel reality, not only reflects the fundamental error of traditional business thinking Wanda to try Internet providers, more reflect Wang Jianlin flawed understanding on Internet business and business model.

no wonder after Wang Jianlin sound, the sound can be heard without end of criticism. The focus of criticism from Wang Jianlin to spend the vast wealth "and 5 billion" business start-up capital "and Ma Yun’s" billion gamble ", and then spread to the king boss’s son Wang Sicong, is a cover and contain everything of every hue. But in view of the high-profile style and Wang Jianlin weekdays business failures, the so-called "criticism" of those popular, if not mentality at work, but also more or less to think.

In this paper,

believes that there is no reason Wanda electricity supplier is bound to fail, but the key lies in its ability to find suitable for their own business model, namely the "can win the three campaign", rather than blindly chase those insiders flocking to fashionable tall "mode: O2O!

it is difficult to imagine, Wanda announced that once again into the electricity supplier, the outside world almost fell to the ground to criticize the bad. More surprising is that the criticism Nothing is too strange. cover and contain everything. Through the collection and collation, this paper found that these criticisms focus on the following aspects:

first, people stupid money, business model is not clear. As the mainland’s richest man, Wang Jianlin do business, there is no shortage of money, a start-up capital is allocated 5 billion". However, electricity providers do just that money problems? If so, NOKIA, Microsoft will not be apple, Amazon and other relative "grass root class enterprise counterattack, and millet mobile phone Alibaba and other enterprises, we for having heard it many times are also beginning wilderness origin. Overlooking the entire Internet electricity business, you may find you this is a "grass root" counter attack ", fans economy era. Naked money marketing era is gone forever. In addition, the boss of the king’s harsh earnings

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