South Korean enterprises registered Dragon Boat Festival.Cn experts called for the protection of exc

Dragon boat race, festival, dumplings, in China has been a continuation of thousands of years of Traditional Folk Festival Dragon Boat Festival, but last year was the first to declare the Dragon Boat Festival for their cultural heritage. Not only that, on the eve of the United Nations will soon announce the results of the inscription in November this year, Dragon Boat Festival.CN and suddenly by the Korea Companies registered.

The traditional Dragon Boat Festival program China

?? "dragon boat contest" extends to the Internet

?? last year, Dragon Boat Festival, throughout the country have held various activities to celebrate the traditional festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, the media suddenly exposed South Korea pioneered the application of "Dragon Boat Festival" for the country’s cultural heritage. Finally, South Korea said it is "for the Jiangling Dragon Boat Festival" instead of "Dragon Boat Festival", and proposed a solution and common inscription.

?? before the reporter’s inquiry China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) whois (domain name query system) found that the Dragon Boat Festival.Cn has been registered in October 13, 2005, the registered information display "YunHeeCoIncR.O.K.", the South Korean enterprises, the registration time for one year.

?? Korea Companies to grab at UNESCO will ultimately decide whether to approve the registration request of South Korea on the eve of the inscription, "Dragon Boat Festival.Cn" which is a Chinese domain name means "the first to occupy Korea traditional culture brand of the Dragon Boat Festival" on the Internet position. No matter how the United Nations announced the final situation, on the Internet, Dragon Boat Festival.Cn will point to the South Korean website rather than china.

?? in the face of Korean again invasion, experts from the Internet community, folk law, pointed out that the traditional culture of our country must be protected in advance and comprehensively, to guard against loss crisis.


?? the legal profession: register the "Dragon Boat Festival.Cn" is not illegal

?? the reporter on the Dragon Boat Festival with the characteristics of Chinese culture specific words why the relevant departments did not protect in advance? The legitimacy of Korean cybersquatting "Dragon Boat Festival".Cn, Beijing City, Chaoyang Hu steel consulting firm lawyers, the answer is, according to the provisions of the "measures" the administration of Internet domain names Chinese: in order to safeguard national interests and social public interests, domain name registration management mechanism can make the necessary protection on the part of reserved words but this mainly related to national interests and public interests of the domain name, such as government agencies and regional vocabulary. And like the "Dragon Boat Festival" the customary festival name, no clear ownership, although with certain public interests color, but still allows free use of the category, from the provisions for >

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