WeChat shop consumer rights protection, who dares to shop

WeChat announced a few days ago, WeChat shop features on the line, we can use the public number of WeChat to open the store. In fact, WeChat can shop is a good news, Shao Lianhu also intends to shop on WeChat. WeChat shop is not just so simple. Not to say that there are people who buy goods sold. Here to tell you what is the reason for this result.

WeChat shopping requires return, was kicked out of the circle of friends

since WeChat can shop, some businesses do business on WeChat. It is said that a woman in the micro Bo see a 80 yuan clothes feel good, the demands of the business to WeChat on the transaction, the seller also see Ms. long honest so he bought. But after the release is not so good to imagine their own, asking for return, the results of the seller to shield.

is responsible for receiving complaints of the big bridge and the colleague said, the biggest difficulty in the treatment of the complaints is that consumers are alone with the seller in online transaction. Some of the information on the seller WeChat is false, so the business sector can not find the seller to coordinate, which ultimately failed to deal with consumer disputes. The business sector to remind consumers when online shopping must be carried out through the third party formal trading platform, also want to remember at the time of payment through Alipay security payment system.

is not Alipay, WeChat store will only let a person dare not shopping

Shao Lianhu has done a mall, mainly to sell some toys. I found that many customers are afraid to trade on the site, I must go Taobao. Only a small part of the shopping site. Although my mall Alipay also secured transactions, but we still do not trust, must go to Taobao. Why, because Taobao buy things at ease, if not satisfied I can return, no one can cheat me. So, even if Taobao is not good, no matter what I sell, I have to use Taobao to give customers a shot of the link, so that customers can rest assured.

some time ago I want to buy a pat Network dating class website source code. I’ve never been on a pat. Once I saw a baby like a Taobao. Taobao’s cheapest to sell more than 30 yuan, while the pat that sold only $ten. I looked so cheap, holding the indifferent attitude, ask him to transfer to Alipay because he, pat the caifutong, I have no. After the transfer of 10 yuan, the seller has sent me an individual source, and the phone off the person. I have no language. Since then I have been afraid to shop in other stores. But if not I will not believe alipay.

e-commerce platform to buy is not "baby" is "trust"

five years ago, we heard that the online shopping, it must be considered a lie. Because there are too many cheaters on the internet. I used to see a lot of e-commerce platform, especially in the southern wholesale website is also a lot of. But I can’t believe them. > and

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