Big promotions do not overdraw the future integrity of e-commerce

will not age, major shopping centers, department store is put up a pageantry for the final sprint. Subway stations, subway stations are full of promotional discount information everywhere, the discount is also greater than a year, from the past 50% to now the 300%, the business has become a. In contrast with the preferential business traffic, from the past to now people become dull, that consumers have to find out which businesses slowly routines and tricky, big promotion, has gradually become the business credit of Waterloo.

Chinese electronic commerce after ten years of accumulation and business model innovation, step by step up to today is not easy, in addition to outside and the price of traditional commercial advantage and geographical boundaries, e-commerce convenience also plays a very important role. Among them, the biggest change is the means of payment and logistics conditions, of course, the overall credit environment and thinking is also very important. It is the rapid development of e-commerce, attracting more and more enterprises to join the ranks of e-commerce from the past ocean slowly into the terrorist Red Sea, so that many electricity traders even more enterprises complain incessantly, lose money to call yo.

environment intensifies competition among electricity suppliers, price war has become a brutal and direct and effective tool. Therefore, more and more businesses use holiday promotions, only related to the festival, the electricity supplier reaction rate is absolutely first-class. "Singles day" is a typical case. Taobao created the singles sales last year beginning, nine hundred million price deal allow electricity providers who see the huge market potential. Dangdang, Jingdong, Suning, Taobao continued to force this year, not only above marketing, preferential price a year. This year singles results quite extraordinarily beautiful, Taobao is also a record high turnover of 3 billion 400 million.

beautiful report card to see e-commerce attractive prospects and great potential, but there are a variety of issues after the promotion of all electricity providers who are worth pondering. Quality, price, logistics and distribution problems, false return problem so that consumers in the carnival in distress after momin. When convenient, low price has become a burden, will have more users to give online shopping, and the regression line? When e-commerce sales and traditional businesses to promote good homogeneity, how many people will choose to participate in online activities on


"mouseexcrement, broken gruel, little drops of negative accumulated, will slowly blow to consumer confidence and the overall credit environment of electronic commerce. Like Sina micro-blog sweepstakes above, there are still many people believe that before the green mango iPhone mobile phone to draw, all the peers laugh at them silly. However, credit and brand, the establishment of a long-term process, it takes only a second to destroy it. Please take care of your eyes as well as your credit, in order to yourself, but also for the whole of China’s e-commerce environment as a whole, but also for the remaining 92% market share.

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