Zong Ning Pat micro shop fierce tiger, or will reshuffle WeChat electricity supplier


business is WeChat has been very tangled thing, because WeChat has been a little older, more tangled in money matters. Later, WeChat marketing circle of friends instead of like a raging fire, if WeChat does not do business, but some are holding a golden bowl Yaofande, plus investment Jingdong, Jingdong to add their entrance, but also launched a micro shop, but these two kinds of models, it seems not an ideal mode. The former is B2B, the latter threshold is too high, in this social software C2C natural advantages, no achievements.

this time, pat back. No matter how pat than Taobao, or C2C gene very deep, direct WeChat mobile terminal C2C based on exploration, is a matter of course. Hundred meters race natural leading ninety meters, which for Taobao mobile terminal, it is not a good news.

pat micro shop or C2C pop and the Jingdong has some different, and WeChat’s own micro shop is also very different, after all, is to do this, so in the capabilities and experience, is very hard, but on the threshold, compared to the micro shop also reduces a lot, the most important is in the drainage way, than the micro shop to be flexible, powerful, so, this product is currently pat micro shop WeChat C2C platform the most promising, some other micro shop may have a great impact.

in order, customer management, customer service and other aspects of trading products and various products, not to mention what each one has its own merits, essential difference. But in the payment and entrance, but there is a very big advantage. First pat micro shop provides a unified cross account WeChat payment, but also provides a variety of payment instruments, including the payment of money and cash on delivery, in terms of the convenience of payment, more than third other party a big cut. Then in the flow entrance, WeChat mobile phone and QQ provides a center entrance, and learn from the previous experience, the key also expanded the entrance to the center, is the dispersion of drainage, the use of two-dimensional code and other tools to share products to the mobile phone QQ, micro-blog group, the forum and so on each kind of network channels for drainage. According to the present data, the flow of orders accounted for 40% from WeChat scene, 20% from the mobile phone QQ scene, and 40% from space, micro-blog, forums and other channels to reduce dependence on their own entrance, open up more social flow.

All the basic advantages of

on Tencent in the mobile terminal, and pat micro shop to business wide point through advertising 1:1 subsidies to help businesses with low cost accurate drainage. These initiatives, changed the micro shop products "lack of payment" and "lack of traffic" and "missing" missing scene "entrance" and other defects, start to become more practical value and significance, but also through social tools to drainage, can greatly reduce the dependence on the official paid traffic, which is suitable for the use of marketing circle of friends people. At present, the cost of new customers pat micro shop in less than 2 yuan, compared to other platforms at least more than $ten in customer costs, or in the early dividend period. And pat micro shop to get an order into

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