Pat announced micro business partner has over 60 thousand

April 14, 2015, Jingdong’s pat announced that since the beginning of 2015 launched a micro business partner recruitment, recruitment business partner has micro reached sixty thousand, covering first-tier cities and most of the second city to focus on distribution of micro business Master, young, keen to share the freaky "chowhound", a family of students, as the main Master fashion the distribution of population. Recently, jointly known as the smart piano brand The ONE recruitment pat micro business partner, on the layout of the segments, to explore the smart product mobile social electricity supplier model to carry out comprehensive cooperation.

with the development of society and the upgrading of consumption, mass for the pursuit of quality of life is improved, the demand for high-quality goods is rising, experience is king of the Internet era, whether it is the product itself, or learning the piano is still a too high threshold for ordinary consumers. To ordinary people demand for interesting life is the origin of The, ONE intelligent piano in an intelligent way easy to teach users to play the piano for zero based, different age, different needs of the people, The ONE intelligent piano can provide the corresponding customized courses through smart mobile devices (Android iPhone/iPad/ equipment) and piano with zero based on the user will be able to play with the light through the entry in the interest under the guidance to the professional road of piano. The ONE smart piano founder Ye Bin said: "the The ONE smart piano has changed the traditional piano teaching is dull, the high price and complex situation, but also the real sense of user experience into piano piano education, for users to achieve a burden. "

by virtue of the subversive forces of the market, The ONE smart piano launched just a few months has become the whole network of musical instruments market sales champion. And into 2015, with the rise of mobile social networking providers, The ONE smart piano and jointly pat the layout of the mobile terminal electricity supplier channels.

2015, pat massive recruitment of 60 thousand micro business partner. Just a few months, has created a stable crowd electricity supplier ecology. Electricity supplier practitioners said that the core of the success of social networking people. Pat micro business partner is people-oriented, relying on the trust relationship between friends, sharing high-quality goods, and thus achieve the transaction, this is a healthy social electricity supplier. The recruitment of music pat micro business partner, can be seen as a deepening of the field of subdivision.

after the breakdown of the micro dealer partners, not only according to their wishes to choose the goods of interest to share with friends, but also to get the guidance of the hand. In the "new village", taking the simple task of micro partners at different levels, quickly familiar with the social distribution of play, and through instructor training, exchange of experience, the line of communication and other various forms of formal training to learn the basic knowledge, micro business sales skills and marketing skills, sales began to challenge higher task.

with the rapid development of mobile Internet, with the trust and fun for the charm of the social electricity supplier has gradually become a way of life for young people. Pat micro business partner responsible

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