Electricity supplier legislation will start online tax and standardized promotion into a hot spot

daily news (reporter Chong Xiaomeng) caused chaos in the field of domestic electricity supplier, can’t the embarrassing situation is expected to end. Reporters learned yesterday from the China Electronic Commerce Research Center, led by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce initiated the network commodity trading and Services Regulatory Ordinance has been included in the State Council, two types of legislation plan. The industry is generally concerned about whether the tax collection and network promotion norms become the focus of legislation. This means that the increasingly fierce electricity supplier price war is expected to converge, the industry will be more orderly development.

at present, China has not made a comprehensive electronic commerce regulatory laws and regulations, legal gaps also make e-commerce market has always been the threshold is too low, the state of dragons and fishes jumbled together. The industry generally believes that corporate self-regulation is only a soft standard, the market has been waiting for the introduction of relevant laws and regulations.

The legislative work program held in

in the previous research conference, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce official pointed out that the legislation to "network behavior of commodity trading and related services management procedures" (that is, after being hot "shop the new regulations") as the foundation, from market access, credit system construction, consumer rights, jurisdiction the Internet, intellectual property protection, new industry, cross-border transactions, Internet unfair behavior, network behavior emerging seckill nine aspects of the implementation of regulations.

, according to informed sources, the focus of the legislation focused on access to the main network operators and network operators are defined, taxation, virtual goods trading standards, cross-border supervision, online trading platform operators, network marketing, network supervision Specification of consumer disputes jurisdiction.

the "network operator tax" and "network promotion standard" the most popular industry hot. In the industry view, after the introduction of the regulations, may be able to curb the vicious competition caused by the electricity supplier price war, the majority of operators in the industry to develop healthily.

Analysys International analyst Chen Shousong believes that the introduction of the policy may also have a positive impact on the financial commodity trading online. "Virtual goods trading, especially the management of financial commodities trading, once the mature model, may achieve a large market size."

Alibaba group Tmall public relations department Yan Qiao also said that the introduction of e-commerce regulatory laws and regulations, the industry as a whole is a positive. "In accordance with the law, have a positive impact on the industry itself and the norms of sustainable development."

in fact, the relevant departments of e-commerce development guidance and norms have been, but also introduced the relevant regulations and opinions. Such as "on accelerating the development of electronic commerce," several opinions "network behavior of commodity trading and related services management procedures", "on promoting the healthy development of online shopping guidance" and "non financial institution payment service management approach", but in a comprehensive and operable on a bit lacking. Compared with the previous year, has been included in the State Council this year, two types of legislation, the network commodity trading and service regulation, covering many segments of e-commerce market

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