3 details to enhance the experience of the electronic mall site users

with the development of electronic commerce, electronic mall is also growing rapidly like bamboo shoots after a spring rain in this, how can the talent shows itself increasingly fierce industry? Promotion and marketing of the electronic mall, almost cannot do without network marketing means, there is social media advertising and brand reputation propaganda. Due to the promotion cost of advertising and social media is relatively high, so the network marketing has become the electronic mall early development and has the best long-term marketing promotion, now has a relatively mature network marketing, we ignored one of the most important issue, that is "user experience". Electronic mall website user experience, can be said to be the ultimate goal of all the details and efforts, which is now all search engines have been emphasized and the pursuit of the concept. In my opinion, the user experience can be understood as user satisfaction, the target site is the user really want to find the site. Only the user to leave our initial impression of the site, at least not disgusted, we can retain our potential customers. So how to enhance the experience of the user experience of the electronic mall site? I figure million passengers summarized the following 3 details:

1, visual perception

website visual sense is nothing more than a website design style, when users search keywords, click to enter our electronic mall site, vision is one of the most intuitive feeling, will directly affect the potential customers is almost will continue in-depth understanding. Just like you about a customer, when you meet each other first, your first impression is definitely a visual impression, such as other features more correct dress formal and elegant style of conversation, then at least will not make you feel uncomfortable, you will want the conversation to continue, and if the other compatible is science fiction. Dress is also very dirty, how would you do talk deeply with? No specific electronic mall site and a layer of the same design style, electronic mall site should be based on their own design a relatively perfect website style, suitable for querying and browsing of potential customers, we can change the color and style of the website, according to the season changes such as: in the spring we can do some special low price to stimulate consumption in the summer, we design a set of relatively cool website style etc., This seems to be extremely simple, but the real test of the comprehensive ability of web art.

2, frame structure

is now faced with so many electronic mall site, whether it is successful large electronic mall site, or just starting a small electronic mall site, structure layout are almost the same, some sites are represented, but not the same as the name of the website, almost as like as two peas to jump out of the existing situation, we, we need to more netizens stand in the angle and position on our website, what we want to show him, or users really want to see their? Structure and a plate of the site should transition to human nature, what kind of content should be put in what pieces, can not be completely in accordance with their own ideas of editing for example, we will be the most attractive topics or activities on Internet

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