My shop is a Alibaba

in October last year, more than a good friend took a two diamond Taobao shop, began the life of the shop. My first SHOW shop: welcome to join

the idea was to open a Taobao shop, then do a shop, selling Chaozhou specialty, but because they didn’t have time to take home those goods, so just hang a commodity, rock crystal. Later, because Taobao has regulations, the shelves must be put 10 kinds of goods, or seal shop. So, did not sell a few days, the shop was closed.

at the end of December, went to Shenzhen with friends talk together to open a shop, selling cartoon U disk, then took some pictures on the Internet propaganda shop. But because we are more like the reality of the market, so the site is used to promote it. However, I have been hanging Taobao want. Up to now, 00 odd guests still have only a few real deal.

has just received a message from a salesman at Alibaba:

Hello, I’m Weng Shiming from Alibaba headquarters in Hangzhou, No. 18306. Now Alibaba to develop a number of small businesses to do wholesale, Taobao recommended you now join the Alibaba as long as 2300, today’s last working day."

of course, in the face of this kind of information, in general, my first instinct is that the liar. But because nothing to do, so I returned to him, you give me the money I do. Of course, I also tried to find out the false evidence, but later confirmed that the news is true. Alibaba is just the general staff of the work. After listening to my words, he returned to the sentence: Rogue

look at the chat log:

wsmzhx (12:33:08):


brilliant light (12:33:25):

halo how you curse ah

brilliant light (12:33:27):

I want to complain about you

wsmzhx (12:33:47):

you asked me for money

brilliant light (12:34:17):

nonsense, then you’re not asking me for money

brilliant light (12:34:21):

I want to complain about you

brilliant light (12:36:28):

apologize to me or complain to you

wsmzhx (12:44:15):


wsmzhx (12:44:28):


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