Tmall launched the next day courier service logistics facilities need to improve

It is reported that Tmall

news billion state power, in June 16th, Tmall officially opened the next day service. Means shopping at Tmall, second days will be able to express the user’s hand, it sounds really interesting. Taobao, Tmall platform courier companies a lot, for example: in the pass, Shen Tong, rhyme, express every day, although the courier company is more, but generally slow logistics. With the online shopping crowd on the speed of logistics requirements, courier sent too slow to cause many online shopping consumers Tucao, dissatisfaction. Therefore, the quality of the domestic e-commerce platform to enhance the courier service is imminent, including the efficiency of the courier.


but don’t get too happy, Tmall will launch next day service, is not the Tmall platform, all goods can enjoy. Only the goods can be labeled on the next day, but also specifically according to the seller’s service scope. In fact it is for delivery manufacturers near the city, has been in the Tmall shopping, the results can be sent to express second days. So the next day service called range is very small, and there are other restrictions, such as: you cannot change the delivery address, contact, no collection etc..

addition, if not timely package to the buyer mobile phone, would amount to a breach of contract, sellers will need every single payment 10 yuan default payment, and not cash, but Tmall points. Such a small amount of payment, the seller and the buyer seems to have little significance, especially for sellers, there is little deterrent. The seller is also estimated default Tmall platform for sellers homely food, strictly implement the "next day" service, it should be a breach of the penalties, it is doomed to thunder and little rain, not much practical effect.

Taobao, Tmall really want to vigorously promote the next day up service, there must be a corresponding logistics set. Otherwise, the efficiency of the courier is still difficult to upgrade, but at present, Tmall, Taobao courier companies too, and Ali does not have its own logistics facilities. So it is difficult to manage those courier companies, not to mention those small courier companies, whether it is the quality of the courier practitioners, or logistics operations, have to be improved. The future of Tmall, Jingdong and other electricity providers will invest more money and energy in the logistics sector, logistics is the last part of the electricity supplier sales, but also a part of many consumers are criticized.

compared with Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong express faster, Jingdong has its own logistics agencies. But now it can not do all parcels can be sent to the next day, only the Jingdong can be served on their own shops. Other businesses to open the shop, still need to be able to send to the hands of 1-3 buyers, so the logistics of Jingdong has yet to be upgraded. However, the logistics of Jingdong should be easier to unified management and supervision, and Taobao, Tmall can only negotiate with the logistics company. Supervision is also very troublesome, so Tmall urgently need to have their own logistics company. This article by the website construction http://s.shwzzz.>

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