Groupon COO PO company’s impact on the departure company

Groupon, the largest U.S. buy site Groupon chief operating officer Rob Solomon has left, which is ready to IPO’s management team is undoubtedly a big blow.

Solomon a year ago to join Groupon, previously worked as a partner in a company called Technology Crossover Ventures investment company, Solomon was also a senior vice president of YAHOO.

for Solomon’s departure, Groupon President Andrew Mason said by e-mail: Solomon has made a huge contribution to the company, we will miss the day to work with him."

Groupon in the past three months, the number of users has doubled, the company is now stepping up the pace to continue to expand the scale, and further improve the number of customers and performance. According to insiders broke the news, Groupon is planning to prepare for this year’s IPO, the company’s valuation will reach $25 billion. Company management at this time someone leave, the company is undoubtedly a small impact.

Solomon has yet to respond directly to the matter.


Solomon joined Groupon, company valuations soaring all the way. In April last year, Groupon received investment from companies such as Digital Sky Technologies, so that the valuation of Groupon reached about $1 billion 300 million. In November last year, before rejecting Google’s merger plan, the company valued at $3 billion up and down. In January this year, Groupon received a $950 million investment, the valuation of the company rose to $4 billion 750 million.

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