Discussion on several processes of Taobao store optimization

shop optimization is the heart of the Taobao store owner, especially for novice sellers is a headache. Taobao good store on the finishing process for your reference.

1, shop decoration must be excellent

shop promotion must take before the shop decoration is good, because spent so much effort to promote, the buyer finally come in, see is out of order, who has the mood to buy? So the decoration must take the capital, looking for a good designer, good decoration store.

2, baby named

names should follow the principle of conciseness, not long winded, only need to complete elements to each baby. It is best to add the unique competitiveness of the store or the baby, such as packet mail, buy a send one, etc.. Because the buyer is the name of the baby to decide whether or not to come in to browse, a good name for the promotion of the store is very helpful.

3, product image space to choose

as a result of Taobao itself can not put product pictures, so looking for a stable, fast baby image placement space is very important. Do not look for those cheap, once they closed down, when you hard to upload pictures of the product can not be displayed, then it is really want to cry no tears.

4, product pricing should be appropriate

expensive no one to come, can not make money cheaper. In order to attract more customers, the right price is undoubtedly very important. According to my experience, the middle price is more suitable. You can go to Taobao when you look at the price, compared to the price of other stores, and then according to their own costs, set a moderate price.

5, baby on the shelf time learning

Many shopkeepers do not pay attention to

, upload the baby, it will fall into all the shelves, so many wasted opportunities. After all the Taobao owner of the summary, the best way is 3 times a day on the shelves, divided into 3 times early in the evening.

6, preferential activities to tell buyers

if your store is doing a good job, don’t forget to write it in a prominent position, preferably on a shop sign or bulletin board. And these places are also the first place to see new buyers, help keep the pace of buyers.

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