Wine electricity supplier O2O flameout B2B will be the next outlet

Lu Kunqian

wine B2C, O2O is a false proposition, does not meet industry trends." Li Fengyun, chairman of the domestic beverage electricity supplier to buy the circle of the first financial daily reporters.

buy, in 2013 entered the high-profile O2O liquor industry, now it has completely abandoned the original selected direction, he moved to B2B, "we take a lot of detours, the walk is not found, this is not the manufacturer and consumer demand." And buy the same liquor in nearly 10 years of Beijing Shengchu marketing consulting chairman Wang Zhaocheng also gave up the B2C field, "do not sell, but also lose money, this model is difficult to continue."

now, the electricity began to go B2B, bet the next outlet.

abandon O2O

abandoned O2O, Lee said that the wind is a lot of money to lose out of the lesson, the former is blindly follow the trend, but in fact, alcohol O2O and no consumer scene. O2O is one of the main demands of "instant delivery" to the real needs of consumers is not present, the needs of the population is limited, after all, liquor consumption are in certain consumer scenarios, especially low frequency of purchase, consumer research interest is not high, which belongs to the product in question is only superficial, meet the user purchase single wine wine demand the construction, vertical O2O platform, to build an exclusive platform, viscous flow range, high cost, not only that, the instant distribution problem of single O2O wine is also very difficult to solve."

held the same view as Wang Zhaocheng, "many people drink has two kinds, one is the severe alcohol consumers, they don’t know or trust on the Internet, afraid to buy fake, but the consumer price is low, there is no need to buy online, because not much cheaper; a class is the organ of enterprises, they is the high frequency passive drinking drinkers, but these people are rarely in line to buy wine. Finally, the high frequency of wine buyers are not online, mainstream consumer groups do not like to spend so much time on the network to buy wine."

in fact, once the O2O is doing business also be in full swing quietly began to shrink the front, the leading electricity supplier liquor brewmaster network recently will be prolonged delivery time from the "9 minutes" to "19 minutes", but also from the national development priorities change to build several samples of the market. Brewmaster network relevant responsible person said, to create a market model is the strategic adjustment in the process of operation. In 2015 1~3 month, O2O brewmaster net income is 550 thousand and 300 yuan, accounted for only 0.1% of the sales revenue.

Beijing Sheng marketing consultant COO Chen Shengqiang analysis of this reporter, wine 2C grow very slowly, but also in the next few years can not see the possibility of rapid growth, because there is no consumer scene." The real data is cruel, in recent years, after cultivation, the wine network brewmaster network and many other vertical electricity, 2014 wine industry sales revenue 877 billion 900 million yuan, but the electricity supplier liquor sales revenue accounted for only 1.3%, only about 11 billion yuan.

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