Honey bud baby test mother micro open all commodity distribution

June 23rd news, according to informed, the mother of imported electricity supplier honey bud baby also launched its micro business project, which is currently closed a "mommy" independent app, is expected by the end of June officially launched. The WeChat version has been low-key on-line in early May this year, according to data from the honey bud, registered users has exceeded 100 thousand.

it is understood that the mother meter positioned as a mother distribution platform, users can share all the goods on the honey bud at any time through the app. When the shopping link to achieve the realization of the transaction, the user can earn a commission, and at any time to view the proceeds and cash.

billion state power network login WeChat service, Mommy found its current store data set, merchandise management, order logistics income query, query and other functions.


mom m WeChat version of the shop login page

mom m project leader, mom meter is to meet the needs of users. The origin of the honey bud baby CEO mailbox is often received from the user’s e-mail asking whether you can purchase from the honey bud, said he was a full-time mother, would like to open a shop on the Internet, but it is difficult to find a source of confidence.

maternal and infant products are particularly suitable for word of mouth, mothers have a very strong share of the demand, the mother said. A parenting experience of spontaneous mother willing to automatically share their children to grow up in every little bit, which contains a large number of maternal and child products, and new mothers in the purchase of maternal and child supplies special attention and emphasis on the other mother’s use of experience and evaluation. This phenomenon of the mother group formed a natural social shopping malls, the use of their social situation and knowledge gap, the mother in the sharing of parenting can also earn money.

honey bud PR spokesman said, to establish a distribution platform personalized mother is honey bud baby a perfect ecological system, is conducive to give full play to its own cross-border supply chain cost advantage and import maternal rich category and function in strengths, honey bud ring, hugs the group based agency escort again to upgrade the social electricity supplier attribute.

honey bud commitment to create greater maternal ecosystem, in addition to self B2C platform, and the red and yellow blue O2O collaboration platform, honey bud hope mommy to become the future of the C2C platform, take charge as chief of public relations spokesman said "honey bud. According to reports, Mommy will also combine the function of LBS on the line after the introduction of more C2C product form, such as selling homemade Cranberry biscuits mom, freshly baked cake etc..

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