The era of post Electronic Commerce (two) from the perspective of price sensitivity


brand B2C can better highlight the value of


both parties enough mutual trust, although the cause of the high cost of electronic business operators, and online shopping consumer experience process is not smooth, but still failed to stop the rapid growth of electronic commerce China. Life will find a way out, e-commerce in China can eventually find their own way of survival, but this time will be much longer than expected.

and, because China is a scarce trust society, and therefore more prominent brand value of electricity providers. From the beginning of last year, Beijing Zhongguancun more than digital mall business in the end, highlighting the consumers may think to the store to buy digital products, as well as reliable consumption in electronic commerce website well-known, and the price is easier, and fast delivery.

In addition to

, Taobao by the agenda for many years C2C trading patterns, although still in the double 11 big promotion last year (annual sales in November 11th of each year) reached a price trading volume, but in recent years, the independent electricity supplier B2C website under the education, has cultivated a batch of "feel a little bit expensive never mind, there security is more important" consumers.

especially in coastal first-tier cities of online shopping consumers have developed "buy digital Jingdong, to buy books on Dangdang, buy a XX YY like this brand name degree. This is the characteristics of large urban consumers, time is precious, do not want to spend too much on the Internet Amoy goods. Therefore, such as Taobao C2C online shopping model in the first tier cities gradually thankless.

and Taobao C2C on consumers, is a very tricky consumers are willing to spend a lot of time in finding the lowest quality acceptable prices of goods, and never tired. The height of the height of the price sensitive, so as to be able to identify a veteran in battle for the sale of fake sellers (if I had with several senior Taobao buyers chat, for their ability to identify fake

be struck dumb)The

on the consumer price sensitivity at the market pattern of

if we take the price sensitivity to distinguish the China e-commerce market, there will be such a scenario: relatively insensitive consumers (such as the author, the white-collar) across independent B2C website. In these sites can not buy, will think of Taobao look. This group of people feel that a little more money to buy peace of mind is worth the trouble.

and Taobao market consumers are the most leisure time to the lowest price consumers, they can always find the highest price of goods. This group of people do not agree with Tmall’s slightly high-end positioning of the B2C platform, Tmall believes that the quality of the things on the Taobao brand or the goods on the market but no difference but the price is more expensive. Perhaps Tmall goods really fake, but rather than in the market for Taobao.

After all,

is more sensitive to the number of the price, so it will be said that Taobao still can dominate a lot.

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