Business treasure as a full network category shuangshier pit

"double eleven" platform war gorgeous curtain, giants have admission, hundred flowers. When most of the electronic business platform, sellers have been involved in the double eleven promotion whirlpool, a new platform "slogan". The day before, many stores are all channels of financial management tools "business treasure" – this is known as the pioneer of the whole channel electricity supplier service providers on the seller’s "headlines".

"business treasure together a number of companies, launched the" seller Carnival ", which contains twelve pit, promote the search rules of cheats, the whole network of smart shops and many other channels of tools for the seller" summary of double eleven, large welfare activities for twelve. According to the business treasure official said the event will cover 2 million of the seller, will bring a huge upgrade for the seller from the "double eleven" clearance "to play twelve two directions.

last month, when the sellers are like a raging fire for "double eleven" preparation, combined with 18 Amoy treasure business activities platform (Taobao, Tmall,, said the beautiful, clearly street, Hui pin fold, Amoy dream etc.) for the seller to create the first "double eleven huge investment circles in the history of the seller". It is understood that due to the platform with the awesome power of the last activity, 1 million sellers, the average conversion rate of over 6 times, reaching millions of sales.

recently, the electricity supplier Bao founder Ma Guoliang said, very pleased to be working with the delicate dream street, Amoy, crazy Taobao and other institutions, really make some help for the seller in the double eleven after the seller for clearance and twelve.

Ma Guoliang said: "the twelve project will do better than the last one, because there are one million sellers first base. But by the end mobile phone leader "street", as millions of sales of "dream" – the day of the Amoy 2 million flow to the event, even the electricity supplier training sector Taobao "crazy rash and too much in haste" for the seller to provide customized training – Search rules. The momentum of follow-up, indicates that the event to help the seller will help break the previous record!

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