Taobao closed micro channel from open to closed

Taobao has open Internet interface as leader, but now to close, in the process of Taobao is not into the back or the industry, many people think that closed apparently unable to agree on which is right, is a step backwards, there is also a considerable part of that, Taobao this is an inevitable choice, a kind of retreat the development strategy is of course a compelling behavior.

Taobao open advocates


is Baidu closed in the past few years, the purpose is not to close oneself, is in fact and Baidu has ah positive competition, after all this is a strong dialogue, if will provide their data to Baidu, it is not suicidal, so that time and Baidu said no, not to closed. In fact at that time in order to compete with Baidu, Taobao has developed a Amoy search engine, so as to provide support for the Taobao search, but with the development of the electricity supplier in the field, in addition to Taobao, Jingdong, Suning, Gome and other commercial enterprises began to grow and develop, a comprehensive comparison platform or electricity supplier search platform has become an inevitable trend.

so in this background, Taobao started electricity supplier interface open lobby, its purpose is to let go of the electricity supplier data interface, so as to provide better services for users, the Taobao is obviously very confident, you know in an open environment, the Taobao data clearly more for the development and function of other electricity providers will more so, in the last few years have been a good development, and a cat has got rapid development in the previous promotions, a price Amoy makes many users feel very good, can provide more efficient service for the user.

from open to closed

but the weather is unpredictable, Taobao Internet open road was to be more successful, but suddenly out of the mobile Internet, and has completely replaced the traditional Internet mobile Internet trend, this trend is irreversible, but in the mobile Internet, Taobao obviously do not have obvious advantages, but WeChat and the rise of Taobao customers but let Taobao feel a huge threat, especially the flow entrance Taobao has begun to appear fully narrowed, Taobao customers and the role of WeChat and other mobile Internet social product flow has become more and more obvious, but once Taobao flow is upstream product control, is obviously devastating for Taobao. The key is that these upstream is Taobao’s competitors, so even more terrible.

and Taobao started off and beauty and cooperation, and now Taobao customers to more stringent supervision, not long ago on the Taobao customer with 230 million penalties, and these costs will return to the business, from the point of view of Taobao for their entrance shunt often hit is relentless, closed is relentless, so in order to avoid the advantages of mobile Internet is weakened, WeChat closed naturally become the logical thing.

so Taobao’s closed road will not allow Taobao to control their own destiny?

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