New embedded advertising brings strategic turnaround

The perception pattern of

changes with the change of survival mode. The means to do this is not only natural, but also determined by the environment. – Walter ·

embedded advertising on the Internet is still a new thing, but in the TV drama industry has long been popular. "Roman holiday" has long been the young and old romantic to all the tourist attractions in Rome, and the "Notre Dame de Paris" is to let those who are not Christian, we are in a continuous line of visitors; don’t bother to look for evidence of "embedded" in If You Are The One.

for the advertising industry, the Internet has been replaced as a newspaper, television, a new generation of mainstream media and high hopes. Indeed, regardless of the speed of dissemination of news, the spread of the content of the theme, or the ability to communicate between people, the Internet has shown far more powerful than traditional media offensive and growth efficiency. But from 2008 China advertising expenditure data distribution, Internet advertising accounted for only 5.7%, more than 80% of the share of advertising spending is still in the field of television and newspapers and magazines and other traditional media, including TV accounted for 70%.

The speed of the overall development of

Internet advertising growth rate is far lower than the Internet, which is largely due to the choice ability of Internet users to content is higher than the traditional media, which have the ability to active avoidance of Internet as media for advertising bearing. Whether it is a pop-up window, Flash animation or video binding, the user choose to close and skip is to reduce the effectiveness of Internet advertising effectiveness.

as the main means of profit media advertising on the Internet, suffered the embarrassing situation that many of their earnings targets pinned on this Internet companies teeter. Can this situation be changed by the emerging embedded advertising


for the Internet industry, online games embedded advertising has been placed high hopes. Embedded advertising is introduced as a form of innovation to the online game, or that the online game was once regarded as the release of embedded advertising new media and respected. But the practice found that the online game as a subdivision of the industry, it is in the entire Internet industry in the edge of the status of the IGA (In-Game Advertising, the game embedded advertising) situation is very embarrassing. Because it will only transfer the Internet as a game player position, attitude and behavior of a physical way that several instant data only, so although the rapid development of online games, but it is in the Internet industry, but always at the edge of the zone. And the embedded advertising in the online game, its content must be closely related to the game, otherwise it will make people feel disgusted or emotional conflict. "Street basketball" embedded in the Coco-Cola advertising, although very successful, but it is clearly unable to separate from the sports theme of the game and the existence of independent; imagine if the Coco- Cola advertising into a costume >

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