Micro business why no one to buy your stuff

recently met with a lot of micro friends told me about such a problem: I do derivative of a month, has updated the circle of friends every day, but why not a single? The old North network micro broad first to tell everyone this is a very normal phenomenon, but also a common phenomenon. Because not only is the micro business, Taobao also has many shops opened a few months were singular in single digits or zero, and not just the Taobao store, a lot of offline store is open for a year are still in a state of loss, these are commercial phenomenon.


micro business is like doing business, but relative to the lower line of the store’s investment becomes less, the store moved to WeChat and other mobile social tools, so the profit and loss are normal natural phenomenon.

but if you don’t have a deal, your business is not good, there are a lot of problems to be solved and improved. Micro wide network of old North summed up the following a single reason:

a friend too little

There are many

novice friends of micro business, WeChat has 100 and even less than one hundred, so little friends how a single WeChat. If you have 100 friends, you have 20% things to the circle of friends who see (this is already a very high proportion of the 20% people), and few people would have the idea to buy, how many people can you pull the black, how will depend on your ad copy writing. As can be imagined, even if you write is very exciting, the 20% and 5% (which is a high conversion rate in the Taobao store is ordinary people have the desire to buy), just 100 people inside, only 1 people have the desire to buy, and you want to buy the desire into need time order. Therefore, friends too few friends, even if you send more wonderful copy, can be a single customer is also rare.

two, zombie powder too much

with respect to the friends too, better hidden zombie fans too much, this kind of micro business with a lot of friends, but they are not much interested in the product, and even a lot of fans with software and micro business counterparts. At this time, there are many derivative friends would be naive to think that I have 5000 fans, with brush screen, orders will brush up, shining white silver will crash to his wallet. However, after a week of brush circle of friends found that so many people are not used with wool, or no order, so much time wasted white. This kind of micro business is to understand some of the micro business knowledge, already know the importance of micro business friends, but still not completely into the micro business industry, waste a lot of time to add no value, commonly known as "zombie fans". This kind of fans will not communicate with you, will not buy your things. Give you a number of promotional public numbers, promote the use of powder software, promotion of Taobao part-time news, they are still very happy.

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