Chen said VANCL completed a $230 million sixth round of financing

news December 4th, in the year of entrepreneurs aged CEO days before VANCL made keynote speech, he said that Suning is the biggest dark horse in the battle of the B2C platform, said Vice President Wu Sheng wishes to leave. At the same time, he also revealed that in the months before the sixth round of financing every guest get $230 million investment funds have been credited.


e-commerce enterprises are "peibenzhuanyaohe" speech, old said that Amazon was founded in 1994 to acquire ten years after slightly profitable, Amazon has now is the market value of billions of dollars in business, in contrast, China e-commerce is too small.


said that e-commerce has just opened the Chinese drama, the play does not start. He was 11 years ago and together when Lei will find that model vertex of electronic commerce, and ravel to sell books or audio-visual products, "this is a very stupid question".

for the current B2C platform war, old think the biggest dark horse is Suning, Suning into e-commerce if successful, will lead the trend of the transformation of traditional enterprises. "If Su Ningzhen figured out, there will be a better play to see. But if Suning is out to play, go back two days, in fact, this thing will become more simple."

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