YAHOO electric business platform to re launch, called Yahoo Stores

Beijing time last night, YAHOO announced that it will re launch its electricity supplier platform, renamed Yahoo Stores. YAHOO said the new platform will be a completely redesigned the next generation of electronic business platform services, designed to help anyone build and develop their own e-commerce business from scratch.

through Yahoo Stores, YAHOO to ensure that users can be able to line their own electricity supplier services within a few minutes, began to accept orders to sell goods. Access payment services will also be very fast operation.

and e-commerce business through the Yahoo Stores store owners can get YAHOO to provide automatic SEO function, can automatically obtain the accurate description from the shop as a search term.

set up by YAHOO shop, the template to enjoy the mobile terminal support. Shop decoration work has become very simple, the user can quickly and directly modify the name of the shop, changing pictures and product descriptions, etc..

Yahoo Stores also provides real time for the owner of the desktop and mobile traffic analysis services Live Web Insights, to help the owner better take care of their own shop.

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