After the first generation of new MN Tmall power generation after the flow of the breach

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population and the flow of dividends gradually decline trend, the electricity supplier companies competing to launch as a platform to enhance the image and increase user stickiness is the magic weapon, more tall on the first new brands, the electricity supplier premium is more significant.

March 23rd, in previous years, bear the Tmall Xinfeng clothing new release task is the whole category of appearance, during which a total of more than 5 thousand brands starting over millions of new products, including Burberry, Lancome, MINI and other international big. With the Tmall home page "face", more T, and showed the "love love" with the provocative advertisements in the striking position. In addition, pay attention to the wireless terminal somatosensory operation of the new mode of "online shopping watch and buy the line will be moved to the online fashion show, also in to" buy "into" shopping ", or even" play".

Two days before

, Chanel and China European stores experienced Rainbow Night, full price stores like Chinese immediately ushered in the long queue. For like the Chanel has the unique connotation of the brand and the consumer experience a sense of luxury brands, the user is difficult to relate it to business platform, many users in the stereotyped impression, still remain in the stage of electricity price, business image processing Weihuo, has nothing to do with the fashion, taste words.

but this situation has changed, there are 24 international brands for the first time for the Tmall consumer for new product and service, like the BMW group MINI had the world’s limited edition MINI new Tibet exclusive debut on Tmall, the price of 399 thousand yuan, limited edition 75, Beijing, Shanghai and other places of the 5 users in the car also can enjoy on-site test drive, the whole Car Buying Butler personal service, began to line the exclusive services into a business platform.


like Burberry also joined Tmall fashion publishing, previously as apple and other fashion brands have Tmall in the first, and Beckham on the Tmall platform liquor etc.. A business analyst on the "First Financial Daily" the reporter said, behind the new fashion Tmall this is the Alibaba’s internationalization strategy, Ma last year, "travel the world" a very obvious effect is more and more international brands to Tmall shop. Just yesterday, Tmall international and Italy’s two largest banks hand in hand, the purpose is to make the brand more convenient to enter the hands of Chinese consumers through electricity supplier in Italy.

universal Taobao, fashion Tmall, Tmall brand upgrade is a major event in 2014 throughout the year to promote, this idea will also continue to follow up this year, Tmall station laying advertising in the subway is to first-tier cities in the public mind tree brand.

Tmall faces competition and many, take advertising alone, as in the recent events in Shanghai Metro Line 10 Nanjing Road Station in the transfer channel, vertical electric brand advertising will be almost the space surrounded by demand has risen to the height of fashion, experience, self.

at present, the electricity supplier

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