A wave of litigation to jumei.com, Chen Ou endorsement work well


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CNN reported on January 2nd, the US law firm Levi & Korsinsky announced that jumei.com has launched a collective action to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York. This procedure is representative of the jumei.com IPO from May 16, 2014 to November 20, 2014, the "collective action" period, buying jumei.com stock investors.

this is an American law firm filed a lawsuit against jumei.com. Since December 10th, the first US firm jumei.com announced an investigation into potential violations, has been more than 10 firms of jumei.com filed a class action. These firms are pointing to the jumei.com lawsuit to disclose the existence of false, misleading statements, and information disclosure and other violations of the law.

one of the most concentrated charges is that jumei.com failed to accurately disclose the business model change. In September this year, jumei.com announced the sales of cosmetics business of third party platform all become self-employed, cooperation, all the brand counters and the United States to buy overseas purchase replaced. This transformation of jumei.com had successful financial performance constitutes a great risk.

in addition, jumei.com did not expand the market service as stated before.

claims that these facts are in unfavorable market after that, jumei.com shares fell in value, damage the interests of investors.

to participate in the collective action of the Beijing Hao Junbo law firm lawyers Hao Junbo said that different capital market in the United States and Chinese, if investors believe that listed companies have issued false or misleading financial behavior, causing investors damaged, have the right to initiate proceedings of the listed company, which is very common in the United states.

December 16th, jumei.com CEO Chen ou to be released a long siege of a US firm micro-blog responded. This called "you never know what to do in the first half of this year" Chen Ou long micro-blog, summarize the main said so a few things:

1 "you only see fake rumors, but didn’t see the United States is the most clean electricity supplier". Other large electricity providers are selling well, don’t just stare at us. While the United States face direct selling questioned cut down the third party luxury business lines, impaired performance because we are most integrity oh.

2 other platforms are all right, and a typical poly America into selling, because of our weak media relations.

3 in the United States have a group of lawyers and lawyers are called "stock market vulture", specifically looking at the listed company, awarded after making money from behind the profit driven.

4 we recently in an interview with the brand, let them put the security code. Also achieved a number of global direct licensing of the purchase of the brand, do cross-border electricity supplier. We’re working hard.


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