Tencent WeChat VS Ali who is superior


Ali launched " from " application, many critics, many netizens see Tencent and Ali who can better capture the mobile Internet treasure. In fact, any platform can not exist in both, after all, to find a platform to do the first. So, for the Tencent WeChat, or Ali, what can better? This is the main and related aspects.

WeChat payment function before the launch of ali.

as a result of the January 21, 2011 launch of WeChat Tencent, 1 beta version for iPhone users. This version supports the introduction of the existing contact information through the QQ number, but only instant messaging, share photos and replace the avatar and other simple functions. To the development of today’s WeChat, the emergence of WeChat 5, only to let Ali feel that WeChat is not just want to play with the mobile Internet, WeChat is trying to monopolize the mobile Internet industry electricity supplier.

believes this is Ali is regret, because only in the WeChat should have a certain vigilance, early planning well, but not so, if you had to believe today, not in the launch of " and "; after Ali, step by step press, forcing Tencent unbearable, shouting " do not fancy, ‘event’. Good product without cause is done, not speculation out. "

WeChat’s development laid the foundation for the mobile internet.

in fact, any one platform, especially the first launch, at a time of evolution, which is sufficient to lay a certain foundation. For example, the launch of sina micro-blog, and even micro-blog QQ micro-blog " help ", but still can not occupy the market. So, it is not a new product is not concerned about, but people agree with a product. Like the launch of the letter, on the author to say, I registered a letter, but, after the search found that the phone is not a few friends in use.

is accurate, whether an application has more people to register, the key lies in this circle. Like Tencent QQ circle function can add some of your friends are not the people, these people basically belong to your current social circle extension, also is the friend of your friend. But, after all, what you are playing with the application, what is the use of your friends, your friend’s friend is an application, there is a direct link between.

what is the use of your circle, what will you use?. So, WeChat once progress, in fact, is to lay the foundation for the mobile internet. After all applications have been developed, and, in the process of development, WeChat has been in progress, a time to optimize their application, the progress and strength, is not an application can be easily replaced, easecredit is a good example.

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