Another super storm Tmall subsidies to 180 million yuan fold open activities

: today, 1 September Japanese cat supermarket announced that from today to September 9th, in Beijing, Shanghai two city, every city of the 100 thousand single "order price is expected to fold, this activity will be 180 million yuan subsidy.


Tmall supermarket side said that the war is not only super competition services and experience, but also the parties to the cash flow competition. According to the data released this morning, 8, "the first half hour" campaign launch, Tmall supermarket in Beijing and Shanghai average order volume reached 10 times, at 10:10 in the morning, Shanghai area and Beijing area of the 100 thousand single "folded" have been sold out.

for the super battle, Tmall and Jingdong, both sides have repeatedly loudspeaker. Today, Tmall supermarket general manager river is released rhetoric, no matter how much Tmall Jingdong will invest several times. The two sides of the first super war, in order to enter the white hot.

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