Tuyere is also the Red Sea cross-border electricity supplier how to move forward

Cross border electricity supplier on the

, is due to China’s consumer upgrades and rapid advance.

more and more entrepreneurs with different models into the food market. The giant, after the pursuer, entrepreneurs how to build barriers in order to maintain the advantage? Recently, in Chinese International Trade Promotion Committee sponsored "innovation · win Chinese cross-border business forum, many practitioners of cross-border electricity providers to share their experience.

capital level gives a different answer. Chunxiao capital investment director Zhang Qing said that the cross-border import electricity supplier has become the Red Sea to C in to B, new opportunities for cross-border import market and cross-border export market. On the other hand, cross-border infrastructure (including payment, warehousing, etc.) market prospects are also good.

honey bud: the proportion of non-standard products, open POP platform

on milk and diapers started honey bud with the advantage of supply chain, the standard price war play fast. Honey bud cross-border leader Xue Zhiqiang said, milk powder, diapers and other standard products in large quantity, but the profit space is small, they are in the honey bud GMV proportion has been declining; instead of maternal and child class products has accounted for 30%, low margin improvements.

Xue Zhiqiang said that the main mode of honey bud is proprietary, which can effectively control the supply chain, to avoid the emergence of fakes, but also to have a good reputation honey bud. In order to further improve the platform’s ecology, honey bud will be held in April POP investment conference, the official launch of the platform strategy, the whole category investment.


" network operators in the world to know, honey bud line ecology has been rich in the recent moves including investment family entertainment brand swimming hall, and the United States should and strategic cooperation, and children’s education institutions red yellow blue joint venture cooperation company. The goal is to focus on honey around the mother and child, becoming China’s largest baby company".

baby grid: enhance the user experience with

baby grid is China’s first in the new three board listed mother and child electricity supplier. Bonded warehouse mode different from companies such as honey bud baby, lattice CEO Zhang Tiantian respected overseas direct mail mode. He believes that consumers for overseas direct mail acceptance will be higher, consumers will doubt the bonded warehouse stuff is not overseas, and bonded warehouse mode selection of products is relatively limited."

Zhang Tiantian said that overseas direct mail is the first to solve the problem of information transparency and symmetry, baby lattice through the search crawler, the world more than a dozen countries, dozens of shop through the data capture is finished, China presented to consumers.

long period of cross-border logistics, which is the current cross-border electricity providers face the problem. After a long wait, things are not bad, intact consumers satisfied. But there are exceptions, is that consumers need to return." Zhang Tiantian believes that cross-border electricity supplier should do the same as domestic electricity supplier for a certain period of no reason to return, in order to ensure that the consumer’s shopping experience. Baby grid

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