12 companies want to take international express license to join the model or hinder

now express industry pattern is like a siege, people want to come outside the city, people want to go out: one is the FedEx and UPS is applying for a domestic licence, one side is the domestic companies to apply for international licence.

in July 2nd, the State Post Bureau publicity, the 12 companies ZJS bes licensing business international express delivery situation. Reporters noted that the 12 companies are basically private enterprises, and has approved the tact, SF and other private courier company, is accelerating the pace out of the country.


is involved in the international courier to solve the difficulties of profit, but China Express Network chief adviser Xu Yong on the express delivery of this enterprise poured cold water. He believes that in addition to EMS and SF, one of four links and other private courier providers are basically gone to join the line, this model in foreign work, if not for the pattern of change will hinder the pace of overseas expansion. Even if applied to an international license, or only to accompany the prince reading.

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reporter learned from the State Post Bureau, currently has provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) operating domestic express business and business international express delivery business a total of 15, including China postal courier, SF group, air express, Shanghai Yuantong and DHL company etc.. In addition, there are 345 companies operating only international express business. Including FedEx, UPS, and a large number of freight forwarding, logistics companies, such as COSCO logistics, China Merchants Logistics and freight forwarding Lufthansa etc..

The 12 company

and the State Post Bureau to apply for international express license, such as the Suzhou Xia Feng International Freight Agency Co., Ltd. and Shanghai jielee Logistics Co. Ltd., the freight forwarder identity is more important than express identity, really engaged in well-known courier company express transportation is only in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, the three companies, and another "Hangzhou bes network limited".

The name

Hangzhou bes is not well known but it is one of four members of. In 2010, Hangzhou bes Huitong express wholly acquired its brand name, BES huitong. It can be said that if the application of international express license granted, China’s top ten courier companies, more than half of the international courier license has been obtained,

did not get in the international express delivery company license, is in fact secretly planning. Shanghai rhyme express insiders, the company is also preparing to apply for international express license.

private courier companies flocked to international express market, on the one hand is its business needs. BES Huitong general manager Zhou Jian told reporters that the customers especially large enterprise customers demand for international express from the domestic network to grow with each passing day, the international network of enterprise development is the only way which must be passed out.


insiders said the company currently on the international business plan has been prepared for a long time, only to get a license to immediately open.

Liu Jianxin, Secretary General of the China Association of transportation Express branch, said that with the domestic

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