Ding Lei let consumers buy genuine electricity supplier is the most basic moral

in June 15th after Japan’s largest electricity provider platform Lotte koala, NetEase and Japan’s top sea purchase once again reached a cooperation platform.

June 29th, the NetEase announced the purchase of the koala sea with Japan’s largest daily Kao consumer company signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the NetEase koala’s famous sea purchase for Kao diapers brand wonderful and comfortable official authorization, Kao official flagship store will also launch NetEase koala sea purchase in July. NetEase have become consumers buy koala sea purchase Kao diapers most wonderful and comfortable safe and secure channels.


Chairman and CEO Ding Lei and Customer Marketing Co.

Kao, the board of directors of NetEase, President Ltd. Takeuchi Junaki signed a strategic cooperation agreement, both sides will be dedicated to provide consumers with Chinese assured, safe and high-quality Kao wonderful and comfortable diaper.


and Kao signed a strategic cooperation, the purpose is very simple, is to let China mothers really be able to freely buy authentic, cheap Kao diapers for babies." Chairman of the board of directors of NetEase and CEO Ding Lei at the signing ceremony, said, although the Internet to do the Internet for 19 years, but we do electricity supplier less than two years, there are many places need to learn, to explore. We can focus on the product, the user experience is not the same. We want to give users the best and safest products in the world. I want to, so that consumers can buy genuine diapers, no longer worry about fakes, it is essential that a platform of moral."

Ding Lei recently talked about business also said: "if I sell commodities today, everyone in the comments below to scold, I couldn’t sleep well, why should I do this thing, to let others every day to poke at my back? I have today is not the problem of survival, either do not do, do not stop to do, polish, to achieve the ultimate, this is an idea we do business."

do business with ingenuity

since the melamine incident has China consumers for domestic goods especially anxiety rampant, the commodity sector is more sensitive in food, such as maternal and child. With the income level of consumers and consumer attitudes improved, the consumption era, Chinese consumers for high-quality goods growing demand, and the contradiction between the relatively backward social production has become increasingly prominent.

at the same time, every year hundreds of millions of people abroad to export more than trillion of spending power, so that more and more overseas brands on the Chinese market value. The rise of cross-border shopping, but also allow Chinese consumers to buy a more convenient and efficient channels of global quality goods.

at the beginning of 2015, the NetEase launched cross-border business NetEase koala sea purchase, through self mode, with hundreds of global brands and the top supplier in bring high quality and safety of goods at the same time as the Chinese consumers with long-term obvious price advantage, quickly became.

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