260 pharmaceutical companies for the eleven straight double, fast medicine full 100 minus 50 bells

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this week, means that the double eleven soon, the major electricity supplier sharpening, the store also firepower, express logistics industry is "riveting Jin preparing", public participation enthusiasm. Once a year in this shopping Carnival approaching, I believe many people have the right goods, for the hour hand pointing to November 11th 0.


The rapid development of

pharmaceutical drug fast jingle O2O field, also in this year eleven, led by the Internet to 260 pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical companies, into the shopping carnival, becoming a national double eleven part. According to jingle fast drug relevant person in charge of the event, this medicine has fast jingle preferential, and 260 companies of the alliance is inseparable, through the direct supply of these pharmaceutical companies, drug variety and price concessions. These pharmaceutical companies can benefit, but also for the "Internet plus" background, and actively embrace the Internet, to participate in the eleven double feast, provide preferential prices for consumers, cultivate shopping habits, so as to form a favorable user environment, the future can also have a broader space for development.

jingle fast drug official said, will be launched in the double eleven more, fast, good, province, dedicated core value.

From the point of view, "

" jingle fast medicine will combined with 260 pharmaceutical companies for a variety of goods and benefits. In the fast display platform in the jingle medicine commodity information will include Chinese and Western medicines, Chinese herbal medicine, nutrition and health, Adult supplies and medical equipment and personal care and other major categories, more than 20 thousand kinds of medicines, covering the various category of family standing and need medication, fully meet the consumers demand and consumption choice in the two users during the eleven.

from the fast point of view, jingle fast medicine will be in the double eleven, is expected to continue in the previous drug distribution speed advantage. Through its electronic fence technology, the delineation of the core area, the region’s cooperation in the pharmacy of systematic training, thereby ensuring the core area 28 minutes free to home". Such a speed service will be in its eleven major promotional competition, occupy a favorable position to deepen the user’s impression of service quality.

from the good point of view, jingle fast medicine will arrange more customer service staff 24 hours on duty, in order to deal with the double may be some customer consulting eleven. And, from the radiation range, jingle fast drug will be fully spread across the country, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan and other 26 cities, more than 600 cooperation pharmacy radiation range. Cooperation entity pharmacy, will be added to the electricity supplier carnival, and become the next line of fast drug online orders to consumers to honor the resources. This also ensures that the double eleven activities enough coverage, for more users to provide quality shopping services.

from the provincial point of view, jingle fast medicine will provide a full 100 minus 50 of the big promotions, which is rare internet pharmaceutical companies preferential efforts. November 11>

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