An injured customer service MM sad to tell

note: before the new year arrives bursting with happiness! Good mood, but there is one of the world’s most sad female friends, I QQ tell her, her tears, her mood, so I have to write this article.

at IT, the MM MM or customer service is absolutely a beautiful scenery, it is no wonder that some time ago in the NetEase with vigour and vitality to engage in IT Meimei contest, because the NetEase caught Chinese since ancient times lewd psychological. China isn’t there a saying it. What "MIAOQITO lady," I really Chinese a gentleman’s good mate well, hope you will forgive me. Which of the two words can only use Chinese pinyin spelling out. It can be said that the MM or MM customer service is a corporate image, is also indispensable in an enterprise name card. No customer service MM and front MM were friendly, polite, friendly and no business customers the.

cooperation and win-win

believe that every webmaster or client and the space business or business customer service MM have talked to, most of the customer service MM treat the customer God is very polite, courteous and patient.

QQ and MSN on each station are not the MM service of such special users. Owners are more or less have happened and call MM!

?In fact,

customer service MM also have bitterness and unknown side!

do stand seven years, I do not know how many customer service and MM deal with. I am a person who speak more mischievous, often MM service were dumbfounding gas, and every time they contact the business, so that they always make them happy, worry.

two days ago, Ali mother’s customer service MM and I QQ.

"Hello! I’m Ali’s customer service! Your website is very good, very popular, need to sell advertising?"

I replied, "are you beautiful? If your answer is pretty good, I’m sure to sell it. If you don’t answer, I’ll never talk to you."

"you are so humorous, I have to keep interrupting you. To tell you the truth, I’m not really scary. Should be said to be pretty long! "

I halo. This I really met the customer service, I have to continue and she said the impulse to go down, I did not expect, she also has a funny genius. Mouth is also serious, is worthy to Ali mother when customer service.

I was thinking about how to deal with her. QQ jumped out.

hey, guy, look at your QQ space, your handsome, your wife is very beautiful, your daughter is very cute, your style is good, on the work of the government is superior to

? "

the woman is fierce, is this a few minutes to make my family so clear it seems for Kuomintang spy, I replied:

"you don’t tempt me, and customer service chat, I only talk about business, but you say it, I will make you on the affair, I might make.

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