Order Zhu Xiaoyi Zoupian Jian Feng semi-finished collocation pioneer

speed transit network busy work day, there is a table of dishes to manage their own, and little time to go shopping to buy raw materials. In this case, you should do? Online shopping market, the click of a mouse, orders, delivery…… Perhaps many people do not know, vegetables can be so easy to buy.

with the electricity supplier industry hot, and in the national policy of modern agriculture and food security more and more attention, many commercial enterprises fought to fresh Vegetable & Fruit field. But for always, should not be deep, fresh electricity supplier, in fact, rarely see successful experience, so that is still a blue ocean to be developed. The unique method of dish network to set semi-finished products and customers from the supermarket to pick up their own collocation test foot fresh, "Zoupian Jian Feng" is a piece of


supply must be solid and stable

order dish network is different from other fresh electricity — "to establish cooperation or self farm" and suppliers around the purchase, but reached an agreement with Suzhou local large market supply of vegetables, in order to get cheaper goods prices, and establish a long-term cooperative relationship.

why not choose the popular source?

ordering food network founder Zhu Xiaoyi gives the answer, now ordering food network has just started doing semi finished fresh dishes, currently only a large wholesale market to ensure a complete supply of raw materials. "If you work with local suppliers, you first need to bulk purchase, and the distance is long, often incomplete varieties. Although in the long run, it is bound to contact the source as well as the better." Zhu Xiaoyi said the company sought to build a more solid supply chain and stable, such as expanding the market, no doubt will continue this way.

"mouse + cement" marketing model has been circulated on the Internet, so that its logistics costs significantly reduced. Although customers go to the supermarket to pick up the sales model greatly reduces the cost of logistics, but the feasibility of ordering food network and the cooperation of third party logistics is very small, how to make the delivery way of customer habits greatly accepted, but also need to consider the issue of Zhu Xiaoyi.

carefully selected target supermarket

it is understood that the ordering of the network in the residential areas need to be more intensive areas of fixed layout, and then sent to the target supermarket field visits.

"now a lot of individual difference in the supermarket more dirty, you can intuitively feel rough as a standard, feeling uncomfortable, would not choose." Zhu Xiaoyi admitted that the best choice is to choose the best network dishes, clean, and the other party should have the intention of individual supermarket. Although large supermarket chain compared to its more standardized, but the price threshold is also high.

now, copying the industry, imitate the behavior of other people’s business marketing model is common, Zhu Xiaoyi has its own set of design. When a supermarket as a site, through the research and development team, and applied for the invention of the patented intelligent identification system is in use – it can quickly identify the identity, and show the order of the dishes, >

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