Self + platform cross-border electricity supplier new model imported Oh valuation will reach 1 billi

global cross-border electricity supplier B2C market expansion is expected in 2020 global cross-border electricity supplier B2C will reach nearly $1 trillion, an average annual growth rate of up to 27%; the global cross-border electricity supplier B2C total number of consumers will be more than 900 million people, an annual increase of over 21%. China will become the world’s largest cross-border electricity supplier B2C consumer market, with more than 200 million cross-border electricity supplier B2C consumers.

import Oh get well-known investment institutions angel investment, spending heavily to build a platform for cross-border import electricity supplier, the main maternal and child supplies, beauty care, food, health care and other categories of home life. Committed to providing consumers with fast, high quality, reliable foreign authentic shopping experience. After a year of combining online and offline operations, the formation of a new pattern of imported goods "complete self + platform cross-border electricity supplier, has hundreds of small and medium enterprises and individual entrepreneurs through the import of Oh distribution platform" ( to find high quality and inexpensive goods channels; online distribution platform to fully display the categories of goods, support one generation and overseas direct mining operations, provide a stable supply to B terminal distributors, and plans to build thousands of cross-border electricity supplier O2O store experience.


with the further expansion of the sea Amoy market, coupled with the addition of cross-border electricity supplier platform, the domestic sea Amoy demand will continue to rise. The import of imported goods as a big supply chain Oh, through "mass storage + + logistics" scene, the use of their own advantages in the supply chain, procurement, logistics efficiency and user experience has been greatly improved and far more than their counterparts, and has been widely recognized by the international capital market. Self + platform cross-border electricity supplier new model, from the source to completely eliminate the possibility of fakes, import oh B2C proprietary website ( is currently in the business platform for Zero Zero Zero complaint. Import Oh build cross-border supply chain import system, grasp the market hot fusion rich products, genuine security and many other advantages, the formation of a strong competitiveness in the market segments, are subject to the attention of the industry and the overseas top investors chase capital.

it is understood that the import of OH group was founded in Shenzhen in 2008, after 7 years of development of the traditional manufacturing industry, in 2015 the establishment of the Internet cross-border electricity integrated service platform, promoting self + platform cross-border electricity double drive mode, large data cloud computing platform of various ability gradually open to partners. Hope to work together to expand the big data application scenarios and future partners, to build cross-border electricity supplier eco industrial system with "Internet plus", to create more economic value and social value. Analysts have estimated that in 2018 the market value will be more than 1 billion, among the China Internet Corporation, the club of the list of one billion. Once the listing is successful, the import is expected to become China’s fastest growing pure domestic holdings of cross-border electronic business platform enterprise.

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