ndustrial and Commercial Bureau released perfect online shopping operators and ask the first pay a

news online shopping future consumer interests, if the store does not pay without undue delay, consumers can claim to the trading platform in advance.

yesterday, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued to improve the consumer aspects of the operators and ask the first pay a compensation system for the first time the views of operators to establish "asking system" and "pay a compensation system in consumption". In other words, who is responsible for the sale of goods, who is responsible for providing services". If sellers or service providers deliberately delayed treatment, unreasonable refusal to pay the resulting consumer can not get compensation, the mall, the market and online shopping platform operators to pay the first payment to consumers.

out of question, the first question operator

this opinion referred to improve the consumer sector operators first asked the system, urging operators to fulfill the responsibility of the first consumer rights responsibility.

SAIC consumer protection bureau director Yang Hongcan pointed out that in reality there are some operators could not properly perform their responsibility, deliberately delay or unreasonably refuse the reasonable demands of consumers, and even allow consumers to find producers. Especially through online shopping, TV shopping and other ways to buy goods, once the consumer disputes, consumers affected by inter regional factors such as the difficulty of adults, high cost of rights.

"who is responsible for the sale of goods, who is who is responsible for providing services to deal with consumer disputes the basic principle", Yang Hongcan said, the operator must bear shouwenzeren system, as long as the consumer demand is reasonable, sellers and service should be dealt with according to law, the back of the back, the compensation of the compensation. The other belongs to the responsibility of the operator, the operator can claim compensation from the other.

in the past, due to the quality of the product itself to harm the consumer, the seller will put the problem to the producer. And this provision, if the product defects caused by personal and property damage, consumers can ask the seller for compensation, you can also ask the producer compensation. Demand compensation from the seller, the Seller shall not prevarication; the seller, in accordance with the law to recover from the producer.

shop can not claim compensation to the platform


in online shopping disputes, if the shop owner without undue delay to do?

opinion made it clear that consumers through the network trading platform to buy goods or services to lead to damage to the legitimate rights and interests, you can directly to the seller or service provider claims. Network trading platform operators can not provide the seller or service provider’s true name, address and valid contact information, consumers can claim compensation to the platform. After paying compensation, in accordance with the law to recourse against the seller platform.

in addition, the consumer fairs, rental counter purchase of goods or services received resulted in damage to the legitimate interests of the exhibition will end if the lease term or the counter, can also from organizers of the fairs, the rental counter claim.

refused to rectification may terminate the operating qualification

additionally, shopping malls, markets and platform operators are available for sale

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