Taobao this year, 11 double sales is expected to be $63 billion 700 million November 8 Tianjin Xinhua (reporter Zhou Runjian, Zhu Tianjiao) 2013 "double 11" Taobao turnover of 35 billion yuan, this year will be? 360 mobile phone assistant to the latest release of "2014 two eleven shopping APP analysis report" is expected this year, Taobao "double 11" sales of approximately 63 billion 700 million yuan.

double 11 since its inception, rising sales. Public data shows that last year, "double 11" on the same day, Alipay’s total number of transactions 170 million pen, the average order price is 209.7 yuan, the total turnover of 35 billion yuan all day long.

download large data according to APP comprehensive analysis, is expected this year, Taobao double 11 will create a new online shopping transaction records, the total sales of up to 63 billion 700 million yuan.

this report pointed out that, compared with last year’s double 11, this year,, Gome online, Jingdong cumulative growth of up to download, growth rate reached 185.06%, respectively, and 82.63%. Even the steady share of the market share of the first APP mobile phone Taobao, this year’s double 11 downloads still increased by 17.55% over last year.

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