How to do e-commerce sales

has been doing e-commerce, it has been focused on how to use the network to sell the product, network sales channels in the direction of the three aspects. (no need to look at the master, this article is to do the basis of the network sales of things it)

1, seo search engine keyword optimization, improve product related keywords in the search engine keywords ranking.

use search engines to improve the ranking of key words, to the product sales site to bring better quality flow, the smallest cost, but also bring considerable benefits.

last year, when the XX company, the sales related keywords operation site and some long tail keywords do Baidu keyword search page, according to the different amount, can bring to a website ranging from tens to hundreds of IP every day, although traffic is not high, but the effect is good, without any one month advertising investment, but it can bring high sales; Google keyword also do the home page, but brought traffic to Baidu far.

e-commerce sales website, is to sell the product, not in pursuit of high flow, high flow does not necessarily sell well, less traffic does not necessarily sell the difference, the key depends on the quality of the flow; when doing keyword optimization to avoid competitive keywords, choose some search volume can, but the competition is not too fierce, the conversion rate of long tail keywords relatively high to do a keyword optimization, it is easy to do up the rankings.

but SEO keyword optimization is the lack of stability is poor, ranking instability. After I find time to write a special article on how to choose the key words to improve the search engine rankings of the article details about how I do my own product sales site keywords optimization.

2, promotion, the use of blogs, forums, communities, QQ group and other networks to promote better resources.

to promote the flow of products and improve the sales network promotion is different, the former is to rely on advertising to make money, the latter is the future profits by selling products to make money, here I stand in the sales promotion network is mainly in terms of products.

the use of blog, forum, email, QQ group and some other free resources promotion is also very good, but the promotion of the effect depends on the promotion of the level of personnel means. More and more people do network promotion now, competition will be more intense than in previous years has been done well, but still does not pan some network promotion to master these resources using free the most incisive, bring good results.

my own early used more Baidu’s Wikipedia entry, Baidu, Baidu, Baidu Post Bar know space, Baidu has ah, and soso’s Soso Ask, search encyclopedia, 39 Health Blog resources used more; Baidu’s Encyclopedia, know, and Post Bar ah and Baidu space in Baidu is ranked better >

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