Tmall has the right to deduct merchant margin

since 2008 Alibaba group launched B2C shopping platform Tmall (formerly known as Taobao mall) since it is committed to the quality of the city to build Tmall. But the problem has been plagued by the development of fake Tmall, especially in recent years, fake intensified. In the first half of this year, Tmall launched a new standard of more than and 10 industries, including the category of home appliances, clothing, shoes, Tmall wants to fight against counterfeit goods through the "mysterious" and "severe punishment sampling". But the mystery of the sampling of the non-public, opaque, was questioned by some businesses. During the eleven period of this year, a part of the margin was deducted from the merchant gathered in the QQ group, to discuss the issue of a challenge to Tmall". To this end, Tmall recently issued an official statement that the sampling can regulate business behavior, will play a role in promoting the integrity of legitimate businesses.

The Tmall

product sampling began in 2010, according to Tmall, only in August this year, Tmall sampling of goods about 12 thousand pieces, more than and 50 illegal businesses by Tmall qingtui, merchants mainly in clothing, shoes, textile and other industries. We can see in the Tmall business quality control page, Tmall announced the apparel, home appliances, cosmetics and other 14 industry quality standards, and provides a reference for the merchant of compliance products.

Tmall sampling door, I believe that Tmall sampling can improve the quality of goods, should be encouraged. On the one hand, more than a layer of supervision on the merchant, the merchant will be a lot of scruples, the interests of consumers naturally a layer of umbrella. On the other hand, the net margin businesses, the fact is more or less the existence of breach of trust or even illegal behavior. But it is worth noting that, even if Tmall test the goods, Tmall has the right to deduct the merchant margin it?

first of all, we should all be clear, Tmall deduct the power of merchant margin can only come from the agreement signed by both parties. The signing of the agreement, there are at least two roles involved, accounting for a strong "strong" and "tolerance for greater interest party", as the world is not absolutely fair, the signing of the agreement will not absolutely fair.

according to Tmall’s format contract, Tmall in two cases can be deducted from the merchant margin. A case of illegal businesses, "when default or dishonest or buyers apply for rights, claims, Taobao has the right according to their independent judgment, without liability, direct use of margin Xianhengpeifu to buyers". When faced with illegal business, breach of contract or bad faith, Tmall should at least be why buckle, the specific number of margin to the merchant to explain clearly, the lifting of the business concerns. And when you encounter a good faith or when the buyer applies for rights, claims, Tmall margin deducted

how much is used to pay for consumers in advance, this is also questionable.

Another case of

is that "if a merchant has caused a loss to Taobao or its affiliates, Taobao has the right to, in accordance with its independent judgment, not to be liable, directly from the margin."

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