On the website and blog promotion and publicity

a good commodity not only need good quality, but also the need for successful marketing, it is possible to be accepted by the vast number of consumers. In the same way, a good web site or blog has a good design, rich content and perfect service. The recommended design of their websites to provide network enthusiasts, improve site traffic, but also the need for effective website promotion, (like feishida software company’s software products, but also through the magazine, the forum message board propaganda) here I will introduce the main methods of propaganda website:

1 traditional advertising media

large website, enterprise website promotion often through public opinion, technology promotion, product promotion, corporate image promotion, etc.. Personal website publicity can also choose the right traditional advertising media. Of course, taking into account the reasons for funding, personal web site or to consider the free resources on the Internet (more suitable for blog, etc.).

2 to search engine registration, registration

all kinds of search engines are the main means of Internet users to search the contents of the web page, but also the main way to promote, promote the site. Existing search engines, such as Google, Baidu, Yahoo, Sogou, soso, Youdao, Bing, etc..

3 through various forums, newsgroups and message boards

often into the site and the theme of the forum, etc., published valuable views. Make use of their expertise to provide services and technical support to other users as much as possible, leaving a good impression. Moreover, after the signing of the signature and leave the screen name and url.

4 using online advertising

is one of the most effective ways to advertise on some of the most popular websites, which involves funding issues. The best way to advertise each other, the site between each other publicity.

5 set links

select a higher rate of access or similar sites, set up a one-way or two-way links to facilitate visitors to find the relevant content, but also can get unexpected results.

6 via email

send Email to their friends, to introduce some of the site can make people interested in content, let them forward mail to help promote their website. If you do not know the people, you should try to be sincere tone, so as not to cause other people unhappy.

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