Electricity supplier fake door users Tucao network purchase fake experience

[Abstract] users have to comment on the incident and selling electricity supplier, which broke the news, there is also criticism, reflection on supervision.


Tencent technology reported on July 30th


Tencent of science and technology in July 28th published "headline" unannounced electricity supplier fake chain caused by the industry and the market. After more than half a month of investigations found that the Tencent found technology suppliers Yi Peng sunny by jumei.com and other electronic business platform selling counterfeit clothing and watches, and electronic business platform is on the user’s abnormal complaints fell on deaf ears.

Yi Peng sunny just Chinese market is huge fake electricity supplier industry chain in the tip of the iceberg, there are thousands of similar companies in a similar way in each business platform, continuous supply of cheap fake luxury goods to consumers China. When consumers find the problem, even if the dial phone service business platform, will be processed by fake suppliers, even far more than the normal complaints, electronic business platform are still ignored.

in order to collect the views of users of this incident, the Tencent of science and technology in Tencent released news client interactive live, users have to comment on this event, which broke the news, there is also criticism, reflection on supervision.

a lot of friends broke the electricity supplier fake people speechless

Ariel": a "; in the United States ordinary users about their online shopping experience in the interaction," I also love look like Taobao outlets, often to help a friend to buy something what, what the baby milk powder, a Taobao, not scared me, I bought the price and they sell almost, even cheaper than me, I completely Speechless, I didn’t earn, but also your own freight, you said Taobao’s price is also cheaper than me, who can

this letter?

Xin Zi: about their online shopping experience, the user first long sigh. "Oh! Taobao bought my mother’s love saplings, what peony roses! Bought a lot of color, hair back half past one would not know what color can open, hard for a few months, this cheating, full of red roses, peony Narcissus strawberry will not bloom, let alone! Contact customer service, also can not contact, there are many cheating."

"Blue Ribbon": "buy two pairs of shoes in vip.com last month, opened it, the production date is March 2012, touch the inside of the skin, like a piece of paper, leather and soon fall off, really cheating!"

"20 years of innocence": "last year, I bought a mascara in the United States, painted many times to go up a little bit of makeup, there is no long effect, not just painted painted like


moon piano in D major: "buy two European skin care products, jumei.com in the European and American brands, and I do Hongkong acquired contrast, packaging instructions, very close, almost no difference, it is difficult to lay people in texture and body color on the packaging from difference >

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