The 2016 B2B China Mobi network vertical electric 100


Mobi network founder, CEO Chang Dongliang

B2B Chinese "in 2016 100 strong vertical electric" series of articles by research intensive dry cargo is slightly TMT the original release, if reproduced, please contact us for authorization.

one entrepreneur said

1, please introduce your company in one sentence. Convenient, also introduce yourself.

Mobi ( integrated service platform, the electricity supplier of chemicals leading global chemicals, is the first set of domestic business platform information, information, trade and service as a whole, provide the upstream raw material products for the global chemical industry, medicine, new materials industry, services in downstream applications such as coatings, plastics, food, personal care, cleaning and water treatment etc.. Mobi provide professional data, precision marketing, supply chain finance, logistics, payment and other acclaimed service, B2B transaction closed loop, so as to continuously enhance the chemical industry trade efficiency, the global chemical trading becomes simple, transparent and efficient


from Switzerland to China, from data to applications, from research into business, I have been on the road.

2, you (team) to create your original intention is what?

for the traditional chemicals market transactions too many links, low efficiency of transaction, information opaque, overcapacity and other issues, Mobei committed to optimizing the traditional chemicals trading patterns, the global chemicals trading becomes transparent, simple and efficient.

Mobi platform was born in March 2011, is the first research data service platform in the Chinese Academy of sciences. After obtaining angel financing, in 2013 to achieve full commercialization. By the early development of the flagship service platform – Wikipedia compound database, Mobi has accumulated a wealth of industry data. A compound of the formula developed Mobi query tool has grown into the world’s largest commercial compound free encyclopedia, and has applied for 3 U.S. patents and 4 patent China.

After the

compound encyclopedia database, and through the spot Mobi mall and chemical industry breakthrough platform chemicals B2B trading, greatly enhance the efficiency of chemicals trading. Truly make the compound data transparent, chemical transactions convenient and credible, so as to achieve a seamless combination of chemical industry data sharing and chemical one-stop service.

3, what is the goal of development at this stage, what kind of state can the company hope to achieve in 3 years?

Mobi is now committed to the stereo line operators + line under a strong push team, multi-dimensional aggregation of the supply chain, let the information flow, capital flow and logistics platform to achieve smooth flow through Mobei, fast and convenient online transactions credible chemicals.

Mobi hope that after 3 years of the sky more blue with mobi.

therefore, Mobi will further promote the guarantee payment, "

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