Suning acquisition red child platform is able to spike vertical industry

thought that the B2C will not be like the B2B and C2C industry as well as a single large, should be a pattern of All flowers bloom together. But unexpectedly held at the end of August Hony investment conference, vice president of Suning Appliance Ren Jun has said publicly that the maternal and child shoe will be to break the first category, "by the end of this year, can form a professional, scale in maternal general." This is Su Ning has completed the acquisition of the signal, while has also opened its maternal channel, but its sales level is far from such a strategic position.


think a few years ago, the red child or mother and child industry boss, did not expect a few after the platform will be combined to acquire. Originally, many people also believe that the B2C industry should be the more vertical the better the life of the industry, such as the red child vertical to the mother and child will be a good life. But did not expect the vertical specialization or fight but the capital platform, remember some time ago on the Taobao speed transit operation game and Jingdong as well as Dangdang relates to the game industry, all good is not good, they can not do, will not fail


in fact, the author’s point of view at that time is also very clear, that is, they will not fail to operate the game, as to be successful, it must be said. In other words, they are in the process of running the game at least in an invincible position, why so, because they have a lot of traffic, but the use of these two times. What did not cost too much, like Taobao and Jingdong, Dangdang itself has a great flow, they do not take these games are just a waste flow, and the game is the best way to a cash flow, is currently the business model and business model of mobile Internet industry most clear.

actually like these big companies to do the game may I think is not too much to make money, but like Li Guoqing said, just to a strategic link of one-stop shopping process, the game is just a part of idle away in seeking pleasure. Maybe even if this is not a profitable category, they will not hesitate to enter. It is also like the first Department of Jingdong to expand the department store category is the first choice of books, books that line is really not to make money, but it should make people think that Jingdong can even sell books, and what can not be sold. So the book is also a strategy.

When the

is actually from the Jingdong has to enter the book mall can be seen on the vertical shock platform industry, but not to the point of acquisition of Dangdang, Dangdang is early on, the financial capital, originally Dangdang from domestic book industry leader, a market share by the Jingdong large wrapped food. Later, including Tmall as a category to do the book, of course, the market share of the food market, Dangdang also made a number of other ways of development, and no longer books to their main business. It also vertical to a number of maternal and child clothing and games and other industries. If it’s just a book based business, then be called

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