Electronic commerce network of the future who can carry the banner of threatened by growing crises

news recently, Yao point 100 in money whirlpool, e-commerce website is so many is not able to carry "flag"? Vip.com shortly before the United States listed, its stock price falls again, then look at Jingdong, Dangdang and other large e-commerce sites there is "loss", is the electronic commerce network is not able to get out of the history of doom, breaking the bottleneck in its development? The author thinks that electronic commerce network terminal is the mainstay in twenty-first Century should be said is not the time.

from a number of well-known international companies, many of which are invested in electronic commerce website operators, and many well-known companies in the world in these investments, such as Yao point 100 Taiwan YAHOO, Netease Luxuries, Sheng Dapin poly mesh and so on, these companies are lack of high-end technical talents, excellent management personnel, since the development of support the electronic commerce website they are able to see from the as in the past, these can be: e-commerce network in China has great potential of individual owners perhaps this is an opportunity, an opportunity in the future so that they can make money, we all know that the Internet started experiencing a big bubble, the when they say that the Internet is not feasible, the closure of the site, the server has become the mainstream of the bubble off, the situation and the e-commerce form The potential is so similar, but after a few years of Internet development ushered in the spring and hot, and the electronic commerce network to the development of the spring in the future to meet


I think the next one to two years is a huge advent of electronic commerce network official bubble, when there is one half of the electronic commerce website will fail, and the number of surviving brands of e-commerce sites will not be more than 5, but this time is better than to persist longer, who is who website development potential more. Five years later, when the number of domestic 20 to 40 years old more than half of the population, that time is the domestic e-commerce website development in the spring, more than 600 million of the Internet population into the Internet, the electronic commerce website this time are not able to develop when will the development? So I think e-commerce website goal should be further, a country can make the 5 year plan, the electronic commerce website can do, do the specific planning, step by step, after five years of success.

here I think is the most important personal website webmaster, operating an electronic commerce website is not easy, but stick to it even more easily, if you have created a small e-commerce site that will have not abandoned the spirit, wait for five years, you need to do some of the following things in five years time:

. To keep the site and the world at the same time, that is, to adhere to the site to update the content, update goods and service information.

two. To create a unique brand, will be set up for the characteristics of the town shop treasure, you can consider the combination of local characteristics of resources, such as specialty, specialty.

three. Looking for partners, it is best to be a number of supermarket owners, this is the development of e-commerce to greet you

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