New York Times consumer electricity supplier rating or digital consumption bias


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technology news (Zhong Tao) August 20th Beijing time news, "New York Times" online edition recently published a review article said, the U.S. market research firm statistics consumer e-commerce scoring form, not only largely reflects the consumers’ purchasing power, and will bring new problems such as digital consumer bias.

below is the full text of the article:

the American public is fascinated by their scoring. Credit scoring, G.P.A. credits, academic ability scores (SAT), blood pressure and cholesterol levels, etc..

and the United States in the minds of the public and a new score statistics lingering: e-commerce score (e-score, hereinafter referred to as the electricity supplier score). Electricity supplier score by the market research company on the Internet related e-commerce information gathered from the growing importance of this score at the same time, also led to the outside world of such a number of arguments.

these scores, known as the consumer value or purchasing power score, can be used to assess the potential value of consumers. So how much is your electricity supplier score you may never know. The reason lies in the vast majority of cases, these scores are not released to the outside world. However, for those who want to develop potential customers, these scores have a high value (and in some cases, some companies will refuse to accept a specific user group as a potential customer).

network consumer scores are collected and aggregated by a small number of Tech start-ups and some financial service providers. These scores are mainly to predict the potential customers of the booming e-commerce market. And Google (micro-blog) business similar to the electricity supplier score also involves massive data and complex algorithms. As a result, it is an unprecedented phenomenon for us consumers to rank the digital consumption capacity.

it is undeniable that in the past few decades, the U.S. public credit card score, but also based on personal consumption. And those engaged in direct marketing companies, but also for a long time to the socio-economic status of consumers to sort. But the electricity supplier scores go further. The score will also consider consumer occupation, salary, luxury consumption ability and other factors, plus the value of complex algorithms, resulting in these scores creators claimed that the prediction accuracy is very high value business.

potential customers

currently has a large number of corporate users, including banks, credit card service providers, insurance companies and online educational institutions, etc., are using the electricity supplier score to select potential customers. These scores can be used to determine which customers hold a platinum credit card or an ordinary credit card

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