China nternet domain name record sold astronomical

Last year Chinese retest the world first peak height of Mount Qomolangma has attracted worldwide attention, but also triggered a massive Internet cybersquatting war. Finally, Chinese’s first e-commerce site has created 8848 federal software won the "war", up to seven digits of the purchase price to Mount Everest new heights of 8844 top-level domain, which is also the highest Chinese mainland Internet domain name transaction record high.

about why spend such a high price to buy domain name, Wang Jianhua seemed quite excited, he said, first of all, the world first peak height, itself has a rare degree of global concern, than any other digital domain names are easier to spread around the world, its symbolic significance is huge, is the representative of the first in the world. Second, federal software have very strong feeling of Mount Everest, Mount Everest, the original height is 8848, what was once as the years China e-commerce synonymous.

As for how to prepare

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