Fresh LFE to complete the A round of financing will be built this year, 200 line shop

news March 25th, cross-border electricity supplier fresh LIFE announced millions of dollars to get A round of financing, by Bertelsmann and CDH lead investor. Its founder and CEO Xiao Xin said that the funds will be mainly used to improve the construction of the global supply chain and logistics system, to build their own brands, and further expand the online and offline channels of the retail network.

According to

billion state power network to understand, fresh LIFE founded in July 2014, the same year in December officially launched, including the selection of food, nutrition and health care products, cosmetics, beauty and home maintenance baby supplies. Since the creation of more than a year, the cumulative amount of fresh GMV has exceeded $30 million, covering nearly 1 million users.

in the business model, the use of fresh LIFE personal share sales + entity direct join in the way of full channel layout, the establishment of cross-border O2O experience sales network. Through the built-in "fresh LIFE app buyers shop, each user can be both consumers can also is the product of the share and spread.

according to the official introduction, at present, the fresh LIFE has successfully hatched nearly 100 thousand Master buyers, and will continue to build their own products and leveraging their own media resources, to attract more buyers to become the owner of Master.


fresh LIFE line experience store

with this, online, fresh LIFE efforts to speed up the layout of the two or three tier cities. Billion state power network learned recently reached a strategic cooperation with Hunan Xiaoxiang film group of fresh LIFE, relying on Xiao shadow group brand influence in the local cinema and chain resources, create "Xiao shadow fresh life line store experience. Fresh LIFE said it will be for the pilot in Hunan, vigorously develop the line joining, carry out different kinds of line shop.

plans for the future development of fresh LIFE, Xiao Xin said: this year we will vigorously laying the ‘direct + join’ line sales channels, the goal is to build more than 200 stores in the country. We hope that through cooperation with Xiao shadow group roots in Hunan, then the Hunan business model copied to Yunnan, Hubei, Henan, Anhui, Shandong and other provinces. In addition, the company will continue to enrich and improve the mobile terminal overseas distribution chain, build a global logistics system covering the incubation of more social distribution team."

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