Ma Yun started competing for Alibaba public relations war


this storm, may be Ma Yun’s crisis, but it may be a chance for Ma Yun. "YAHOO gain control, can only say is to increase the bargaining power, but eventually to sell the stake in Ma is inevitable," the former Alibaba executives said, "it is a commercial business." Since YAHOO, Alibaba on the controlling stake in a public dispute, Alibaba shares began to rise, once touched up to $14.31.


Alibaba holding power over

from the original YAHOO CEO raise a Babel of criticism of the Bartz, "Ma overbearing will out" suspense until now "Wei Zhefang words", "hostility" more than two years of a dispute is turning into a table slobber battle.

YAHOO and Alibaba, which have to tell the story of this controlling stake storm, who is behind the control?

Ma and Yang Zhiyuan: intimate contact with

this is a public offering of the right to compete in the Alibaba, is caused by an imminent agreement.

November 2007, Alibaba group’s B2B business in Hongkong listed in the prospectus, the disclosure of the contents of the agreement signed 5 years ago YAHOO shares Alibaba. This is known as the "Jonathan cooperation" agreement, YAHOO for $1 billion and Yahoo China all assets, in exchange for a 39% stake in the group of Alibaba, agreed in October 2010, YAHOO will have second seats in the board of directors of the Alibaba, while YAHOO’s vote will be increased from 35% to 39%, the Ma Yun administration from 35.7% to 31.7%, Softbank remained unchanged at 29.3%. Thus, Ma may lose control of Alibaba.

why did Ma Yun sign such a deal that could be bad for him? It was not for Yang Zhiyuan.

Ma Yun and Yang Zhiyuan met at the end of 1997, when the work of the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation, China’s international e-commerce center in.

"I was in YAHOO, business trip to Beijing, then opened a YAHOO Chinese version, I accompany Yang Zhiyuan back, a press conference in Beijing, Ma was in the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation, on behalf of the government he receive us." A former general manager of Alibaba in the United States and Alibaba group CTO, the northern light venture partners Wu Jiong to die Zeit said.

then, Ma and Yang Zhiyuan and Wu Jiong are kept in contact until 1999, Ma founded Alibaba and to finance $20 million, Wu Jiong decided to join the Alibaba, "I think this will be Ma after the event at the time," Wu Jiong said, "a meeting Ma showed he was ready to do the rudiment of Alibaba website. I can understand that this is an opportunity."

Although Ma

from YAHOO dig, but Ma and Yang Zhiyuan are still good. Compared with Ma Yun’s power, Yang Zhiyuan

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