Taobao push one second refund service buyers with shopping records can be obtained from the amount o

Taobao push a refund service

[TechWeb] January 22nd News reported today, officially launched "speed refund service, buyers only need to fill out the return express order in return refund, refund can be 1. But the speed of the refund is a good record of shopping behavior Taobao members of the service, apply to have received the goods, you need to return the refund application.

according to reports, as long as the Taobao membership refund request, fill out the return parcel express a single number, the network will Taobao for the money paid in advance to the buyer the seller. According to the comprehensive evaluation and membership level, Taobao members will receive 300-1200 yuan ranging from the speed refund amount, the follow-up will be the consumer online shopping behavior evaluation and timely adjustment.

if the buyer has false return of dishonesty in speed to enjoy refund process, and issued a notice of repayment in the Taobao customer service personnel after 7 days still repayment, the system will cancel the assessment by the buyer’s speed refunds will also affect the privilege of personal credit evaluation in Taobao online buyers.

it is reported that, for the electricity supplier recently seven days no reason to return, the controversy continues, Taobao launched a refund of the industry is the speed of the return process is perfect. But at the same time, the need to meet the refund refund has received the goods, you need to return the refund application also exposed the limitations of the process. (Aruhan)

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