Traffic dividends, precision delivery, artificial intelligence…… 2017 digital marketing challeng

Abstract: in 2017, China’s Internet advertising share will exceed 50% of the total advertising market for the first time, which is not only an opportunity but also a challenge for digital marketing.


market research firm IHS, a report on the 2016 annual global advertising trends report that last year, the global advertising revenue will grow by an amount of $532 billion, an increase of $7.1%.

and the global market is different, in Chinese, online advertising revenue is 17% higher than that of television advertising revenue, the difference is about $15 billion, is the only global network advertising share significantly more than national television advertising. A leading Chinese advertising network, thanks to the mobile Internet era All flowers bloom together. propagation channel, coupled with the domestic TV media in recent years is difficult to stop the decline, Internet advertising has become the mainstream form of advertising.

but on the other hand, excessive growth in online advertising, has also brought some negative effects, AD conversion rate is plummeting, a few copies had been assessed on the effectiveness of advertising research report pointed out, network advertisement click rate and conversion rate and such as TV and radio channels compared to the gap.

from 2016 Tencent’s quarterly earnings report also saw that the growth rate of online advertising began to decline significantly, but also highlights the industry from the side of the low rate of conversion of online advertising concerns.

CNNIC just released data show that the current size of China’s Internet users reached 731 million, equivalent to the total population in europe. This means that, from a marketing perspective, digital marketing is still the undisputed first channel. At the same time, the increase in the number of audience also put forward higher requirements for the content and form innovation of digital marketing.

2016, the new world, Durex’s live show is to flee North Canton and YSL lipstick Shuabing marketing, Papi ads first beat digital marketing phenomenon case of marketing industry, has no small significance, not only can find the problem, can also be a glimpse of the underlying trend in 2017.

disappeared flow bonus

research firm eMarketer said in a report, a problem many advertisers are distressed is heavily invested in advertising is very difficult to obtain the expected value, now through digital channels advertising, only 4 people in every 10000 people will click on, and in 1994, only 100 people have 44 people click on the banner ads on the network.

with the decline of the click rate, advertising cost is greatly improved, digital marketing investment gradually rise and attention degree of negative correlation between the age of the Internet, mapping out the flow of dividends is gradually disappear.

with the popularity of mobile Internet, emergence of various forms of communication and media, inevitably some squandering charming eyes.

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