2009 Guangzhou nternet Conference held in Guangzhou in December 19th

news November 20th 2009 Guangzhou Internet webmaster General Assembly will be held in Wa King Town Hotel in Guangzhou in December 19th, according to the organizers Admin5 station network, development of the Internet in order to hold the meeting aims to better align the Pearl River Delta economic zone industry, promote the healthy development of the Internet industry in Guangdong, integration of industry resources, expand high-quality contacts, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the field of the Internet the network, to create a good development environment, hope that through this meeting can make more industry colleagues together, actively communicate together, progress together, to promote the rapid development of the Internet and the efforts of guangzhou.

Effect of

economic crisis is over, Chinese Internet economy to thrive, as Guangdong Internet leader in Guangzhou in the Internet economy has made rapid progress, there have been many Internet industry leader, and will continue to lead the Guangdong development of the Internet, made more remarkable achievements. Let us more and more in a communication channel to the Internet as the main social environment as the development of the Internet powerhouse of Guangzhou.

the conference hosted by the Admin5 station network, a fast network media (www.37cs.com) website, and received strong support from the well-known domestic Internet media and the owners, owners can participate in the conference for free, face-to-face communicating with guests.

meeting time: December 19, 2009 afternoon 13:30 -17:30, location: Guangzhou Wa King Town Hotel, the official QQ group: 95623544, registration online registration Tel: 0516-83818833 address: http://s.2009.admin5.com/chbm.asp.

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